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Welcome to the Blade Runner Fun section. Although the Blade Runner film is not exactly a comedy and does reflect some very serious questions about life, it was conceived partly in a comic book sense and no consideration of life's questions should be without humour! So, here is a section devoted to the humorous and fun side of BR fandom.

I started this section in July 2003 and you should only expect it to be randomly developed over time as I find all the stuff that belongs here. There will be cartoons, fun lists, quizzes, etc. in time. Of course, as always with this site, what ends up here depends on all of BR fans. So, if you have something that belongs here, then e-mail me!

Just to get the section started, here is the cartoon of Secret Asian Man mentioned in the BR news. It is reprinted here with the kind permission of Tak Toyoshima who creates SAM (and obviously owns copyright). For lots more of the excellent SAM strips, please visit IMDiversity.

Secret Asian Man looks at SciFi

Click this pic for
the full size image.

And then there are the classic Starlog cartoons:

Blade Runner cartoon
Blade Runner cartoon
Blade Runner cartoon


Of course, any fun section needs to have lists:
The first of these is the "Signs that you're an obsessive BR fan..."

As this is the official site for the newsgroup, I ought also to include a few of the less-than-serious posts from there... (People, please point me to the ones I haven't yet included ... currently most of them ...)

Crushing Tyrell's Head

As always, I welcome any additions or new suggestions to make this section the best it can be and a repository for any homeless BR humour floating around out there.