Starlog #184

Cartoons by Kevin Brockschmidt

The following three cartoons appeared in Starlog Magazine #184, November 1992. There is a major Blade Runner article in this issue, to celebrate the theatrical release of the 10 year anniversary Blade Runner "Director's Cut". However, these cartoons were used to illustrate the last page editorial "Liner Notes" and are drawn by Kevin Brockschmidt.

Blade Runner cartoon - Roy's speech
This first one should need no explanation, referring to the "I've seen things" speech and of course Harrison Ford's alter ego as Han Solo in Star Wars and his association with protocol droid C3PO.
Blade Runner cartoon - the Unicorn dream
The 1992 BRDC is of course where Deckard's unicorn dream that had been removed for the original 1982 theatrical release was reinstated. And Rachael isn't the only one wondering how one should feel about this...
Blade Runner cartoon - Olmos disses Crockett and Tubbs
Some might not get this. Tubbs and Crockett in the background are the Miami Vice detectives, dressed in that Miami Vice '80s "style". Edward James Olmos, (Gaff in BR) was their police captain. Nowadays, you might dress like Deckard, or perhaps even Gaff, but if you walk around in a white linen jacket with the sleeves rolled up, you're really asking for a good smack!


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