The Title

by David Caldwell

Black and White: Part 09.

Time to die

Starke gazed at the wrinkled photo of Claire. The rain pelted her, but she didn't object to its stinging assault. She commandeered the rubbish barrel fire from a cadre of homeless men. They objected strenuously, but Starke's pistol silenced them and they slinked off, grateful that they had no extra holes in their bodies. She willed herself to cry, but she had no more tears. She felt numb. Her right hand felt stiff and it took considerable effort to open and close her fist. Her thoughts drifted back to her time with Claire. Magic, yet surreal. Like she was living another life. Then it focused on Gen and John Black. How his wretched wife exploited anything and everyone for her own ambition. How she loathed her husband's perspective, that he could see people and events in black and white. No shades of gray. Nave, but enviable. Perhaps.

'Time to move on' she thought. How much time did she have left? Did it matter? She didn't have answers to those questions that plagued her mind. Then again, nothing mattered now. Hannah Starke dropped the picture into the fire and walked away.

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