Code of Ethics: Part 07.


He'd changed into a fresh set of clothes but just wasn't feeling in the mood for company. On the other hand, he hadn't felt like staying in either and so had come down to the entertainment district in the third sector. It wasn't far from his apartment and Jacobsen sat alone at a booth nursing his third drink. On the table in front of him sat the new and all too blurred image of Katja and the unknown female subject. He touched it with his fingertips and turned the pic at various angles almost as if something was waiting to jump out at him. It didn't and Jacobsen set it to one side.

" Friends of yours?" Asked the cocktail waitress. She was young, blonde and a little heavy but her smile was genuine and that was enough for now.

" Excuse me?"

She nodded towards the picture on the table. " Are they friends of yours? They're very pretty."

Jacobsen smiled weakly. " Yeah, you could say that."

The rain had started to fall lightly, rattling on Jacobsen's coat as he stood there outside the warehouse on Bellingham Avenue. He'd come there hoping to pick up on something he'd missed during his earlier inspections but in the past twenty minutes had succeeded in just getting wet. CSU had been there and had lived up to their reputation of Teutonic thoroughness. The inside of the building had been emptied of every trace of the activity that had filled it until recently.

The alley where he'd nearly had the life choked out of him revealed nothing either. He stood there in the drizzle with Jay McDonald's face swimming in front of him reliving those moments when he'd broken his wrist on McDonald's face and come within feet of Katja. McDonald had taken a beating at the hands of this sector's detective squad and hadn't given up anything of substance during several hours of interrogation. He had met up with Katja totally by accident but he was a Rep sympathizer and a black marketer to boot and that had landed him in the lockup waiting for arraignment on a plethora of charges.

The manhole was there too, seemingly out of reach as it had been during the fight. He'd looked at the blueprints provided by Public Works. Almost immediately after entering the sewer, she could've gone into no less that seven branching tunnels that led off in several different directions. Bryant had wondered aloud about Katja's ability to survive down there but it was wishful thinking at best. There was little doubt in the minds of the entire squad that she was alive and well somewhere in the metropolitan area and no doubt plotting out her next move. The question was where and with who.

He looked up into the dark sky for a moment, letting the evening rain fall on his face before heading back to the Spinner that he'd signed out.



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