The Title

by David Caldwell

When Shiva Starts to Dance: Part 09.


Gaff drew his Blade Runner Special as the elevator shuddered to a stop one floor below the apartment. He limped out and made his way to the service stairs. It would take much effort to get his uncooperative legs up the stairs but he knew it was the only way he was going to surprise the Skinjobs.

The apartment was empty and there were signs of hasty departure, one room particularly was full of valuable pieces scattered about. Gaff stopped in front of a bronze statue standing on a column. He lashed out with his cane toppling the many-armed statue from its base onto the floor. Aiming his gun he blasted the statue to twisted fragments.

There were a number of vehicles parked along the wet, deserted street but they walked several blocks before they found one that had any fuel and that met their needs. As they climbed into it and Rick worked on the circuits that would allow him to start the car, an armed figure came running from the doorway of a nearby building. In a moment Opal leaning out of the window of the car had fired off a warning blast that sent the car's owner sprawling to the pavement. The engine fired into life and Rick guided the car out into the street heading towards the Fourth District where the two enormous pyramids that made up the former home of the Tyrell Corporation were located.

They began to notice more people on the streets as they got closer to the Fourth District. Most were wandering aimlessly in ones or twos but occasionally they would pass a group looting a business or huddled around a bonfire. If any displayed too much interest in the car Opal would lift her gun so it was visible and Rick would flick on the hyper-drive.

It continued this way till Rick made a left turn into Hunter Strasse and they found themselves in the middle of a riot. Around them a crowd swirled, cars and buildings burned and everywhere was screaming and the sound of breaking glass.

"Quick, get out!" Rick felt Michael grab his arm and pull him out of the door on the passenger side. Opal had her gun out as the three of them pushed away from the surrounded car. They forced themselves to the shelter of a doorway at the same moment their recently abandoned vehicle exploded into flames.

"It's happened sooner than I anticipated," Michael said looking around.
"What has?" Rick asked.
"The Opesynth plants have stopped production and the supplies are running out. This mob's rage is fuelled by withdrawal and it's going to get worse."
"We better get moving Michael," Opal observed at the same time punching a ragged figure that had run at them.
"Yes this way, Opal you take the lead."
Rick drew his gun as the three of them moved down an alley that would lead them away from the frenzied mob.

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