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Running Scared

This Page written by: Patrick Meaney

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Facing Reality

Glenn stuck out his arm to block the closing elevator doors. They slid open again and he walked over to Joseph, who was speaking with the security officer for the building. Standing, a red drop fell onto his hand, and Glenn looked up. Lee. He was impaled on an antenna, his arms outstretched, his head hanging lifeless, blood slowly draining from his broken form.

"Glenn." He turned and saw Joseph. The security officer was walking away.

"What'd he have to say?"

"He saw Michael jump, saw him..."


They stood in silence for a moment.

"We should get the police...or a Blade Runner," Glenn said. "I'm not sure."

"We shouldn't attract too much attention, he wouldn't have wanted that," Joseph said.

"Just call the police, get it over with."

Twenty minutes later, a police spinner landed, and Dave Rutger, a Blade Runner judging by his looks, exited. He stepped under the caution tape, set up by the LAPD's grunt force.

"You're the ones who made the call?" he asked Glenn and Byron, flashing a badge.

"Yeah. I did," Joseph said. "It was a suicide, he thought he was a rep. Ended it."

"I'm gonna' need a med team down here, we've got a big clean up," Rutger said into a phone. "That's all that made him do it?"

"Yeah, He was still the same to us, but I guess he couldn't live with himself."

"I've seen this a lot - it's essentially a mental illness, with only one cure," he said motioning to the antenna.

Glenn skulked away from their discussion, and looked up again at the body of his friend. He was bloody, and pale-skinned, the life drained from him, but he could still see the same man who had been his friend for years, the only one of them who had challenged Tyrell, the only one who could stand up to their boss.

It was a couple years back, before the introduction of the Nexus 6. They had all questioned the need to make the replicants even more lifelike, but it was what Tyrell wanted, and it was a challenge. Lee had seen the danger - that it would become impossible to tell the replicants from the humans, impossible to distinguish between the product of nature and the product of industry.

Glenn stared up at the antenna, and saw the end result of the Nexus 6, a good person, replicant or not, who was driven to suicide.

"He says they'll be able to find out if he was human by tomorrow, we'll at least be able to see," Joseph said.

"Does it matter?"

"He wasn't a saint y'know, he did some questionable things."

Glenn was confused. "Like what? He was a great man, an idealist. He wanted to change things."

"What's to be changed?"

"Everything, all that we're working for, the future we are building."

"There's nothing wrong with our direction, we're doing what Tyrell wants."

"That's what's wrong with it, Tyrell is only feeding his ego, he wants to make his own race, and be a God. They'll replace us. You know that. We are building the next species, there will be a war."

Glenn walked away with new purpose. Lee's death would be the catalyst.

He walked to the elevator, and hit the up button. A minute later the doors opened, and he saw Eldon Tyrell, the company's founder, flanked by four armored soldiers aiming machine guns at him. Glenn turned to run, but saw Joseph and the Blade Runner blocking the exit. Tyrell took off his glasses and wiped the lenses on his shirt. "Mr. Mironova, you're about to be replaced..."



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