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Welcome to the Blade Runner Interactive Stories Page!

The idea behind an interactive story is that the story is written by those who read it. We have chosen a branching version whereby each page ends in a set of choices of where to go next. Select a choice and this takes you to the next page. If that page has been written, you carry on as before. If it is not yet written, then you can offer to write it!

Warning: Blade Runner is an adult film. Therefore these fan stories may contain very strong language, descriptions of graphic violence and adult themes.

The intention is that as many people as possible contribute to the stories, so please join in! Updates are not automated right now. There are a few simple (flexible) rules:

  • The stories printed here are for adults so are expected to be of an adult nature. There will be little if any censorship, but I will not accept anything I consider to be deeply offensive.
  • First come, first served. If you e-mail me with your intent to write a particular page I will assign that page to you and you then have 1 week to deliver before it becomes available again.
  • To encourage diversity, you may not create a page immediately following one you have written for 4 days, to allow others the opportunity to add their inspiration.
  • To encourage even more diversity, I am happy to proofread, etc. particularly for writers for whom English is not your first language or indeed anyone who just wants a second person to look it over before it gets published.
  • Your page can be as little as one paragraph and a maximum of roughly 1200 words (though up to 2000 allowed).
  • Each page should have a minimum of two next options and a maximum of five, except where the page terminates that thread of the story. Options may point to other already written pages in different branches. Note: unwritten options are merely suggestions on how the story might continue. You can suggest a change to an unwritten option or add another one if you like. Options in yellow are still available to write.

So, get reading and get writing!

And please also check out our fan-tastic section for full stories written by individual authors.


Start reading BRIS01 - Running Scared

Pages in white continue the story. Pages in yellow are yet to be written. Note that the unwritten options are just suggestions for how the story might continue - you can add something completely different if you like.

Each page in the story ends in a five letter code. If you want to return to this page in the future, make a note of the page code and you will then be able to change your URL to take you straight back to that page.

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