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Story Background

These are the characters, etc. in the Running Scared story.

Important note: As this is a branching story, if you are writing a new page, it is up to you to ensure that a particular character is valid at that point in the story. I will make a vague attempt at keeping some sort of timeline for these characters, but I do also have a life, so I'll maintain this to a level that I have time to manage. If you do use a character that has already died in the path to your page ... well we are dealing with replicants and possibly clones ...

The story has reached the point where it now includes a few parallel threads that are mutually exclusive. This is the point where I need to start creating duplicate pages so that different threads still contain certain plotlines. And to keep track, I will be adding some sort of threaded list to assist authors. But for now, please note that certain individuals in the story are very different characters depending on which thread you're following!

This will probably be split into separate pages in time, but for now one page will do.

  • Michael Lee - one of Tyrell's genetic designers - jumps off the Tyrell building - is he the real Lee, or a replicant of Lee, who may be wandering the city?
  • Byron Joseph - friend and associate of Michael Lee - human and/or replicant? And/or ...
  • Glenn Mironova - friend and associate of Michael Lee - human and/or replicant? Maybe. If.
  • Jane Lee - wife of Michael. The replicant Jane is retired, but what about the human Jane?
  • Fenton Beels - Tyrell person chosen for a difficult task...
  • Albert Grimes - Senior security officer at Tyrell. Ex-mercenary. Killer.
  • Eldon Tyrell - The not-dead president of Tyrell Corporation. Or is he? Or is he not? Or...
  • Hermann Schlecht - Senior Vice President of Tyrell Corporation
  • Alan Thorne - Freelance Rep-Hunter, ex Rep-Detect.
  • Alexia Ruebyk - Omni Biogenics representative
  • Voice on the phone - Alexia's "controller", belongs to The Inner Circle
  • Harry Bryant - Rep-Detect Captain
  • Rick Deckard (without a hat) - ex Blade Runner - does he know if he is human or replicant?
  • Rick Deckard (with a hat) - ex Blade Runner - thinks he is the human one (don't we all?)
  • Gaff - ex Blade Runner?
  • Helton - works for Gaff. (Tailing Deckard.)
  • Spinelli - Blade Runner (very experienced)
  • Dave Rutger - Blade Runner
  • Tony Peters - Blade Runner (ex partner of Thorne)
  • Dave Holden - Blade Runner
  • Zuckov - Blade Runner (pretended to be bartender at Yamajiro's) - incompetent
  • Chard - Blade Runner, beat 25305
  • Some guy - Chard's superior - stocky, moustached man in fedora and trench-coat
  • Brandt - Replicant and Advanced Automaton Department Inspector, RAD-78791150
  • Silent Cop - Spinner driver and backup for Brandt
  • Frank Gates - Old cop about to retire who gets in the way
  • Rookie cop
  • Herb - Beat cop
  • Captain Stiles - at Lee's suicide scene
  • Weyland - Forensics
  • Maxwell - The coffee man at Kuppa Joe's
  • "Weasel" Jones - police informer (for Gates)
  • Enrique Gonzales - arms dealer
  • Sanchez - bartender at El Diablo's
  • Sandeman - An old 'friend' of Alan Thorne
  • Olympia - Works for Sandeman, probably a replicant
  • Dave, "Helix" - Information Dealer
  • Natalya Orumov, "Gen" - Associate of Armitage. Dead.
  • Armitage -
  • Rodin - Mob kingpin
  • ... - Triad killer
  • "Father" of The Inner Circle (separate from The Twelve)
  • The Twelve of the Inner Circle
  • Angel - Leader of The Twelve (older woman)
  • Kid - Youngest of The Twelve (male)
  • Frost - one of The Twelve
  • Hades - one of The Twelve (male)
  • Yuriko Shinohara - one of The Twelve (female), but also working for the Consortium
  • The Consortium - ???
  • Tetsuro Kitano - Shinohara's contact at the Consortium
  • Faust - Virus designer for The Inner Circle
  • "Shadow"
  • "Devil children"
  • "Evil Lord"
  • Weston - A person
  • ... - A man
  • She - Pleasure model. Military. ?
  • Henry Eckhart - M.D. of SubZero East on Brunner's World
  • Renko - Operational Controller of SubProbe One - SubZero East on Brunner's World
  • Commander Saunders - Commander of SubZero Security (supplied by Arasaka Security)


  • Tyrell Corporation
  • Van Effen Industries
  • Prosser & Ankopitch
  • Arasaka Security
  • Miller-Matsudaira Corporation
  • Petrochem
  • SubZero Consolidated
  • RAD - Replicant and Advanced Automaton Department
  • UNOWO - United Nations Off-World Organisation



  • Los Angeles - "City of Demons" - well, you know - perhaps 2021?
  • Fifth Sector - "Burning Fields" of L.A.
  • The Pits - Animoid and flesh district of L.A.
  • Little Marrakesh - exotic corner of L.A.
  • Tyrell Building - Main HQ of the Tyrell Organisation - in L.A.
  • Sushi Tower - central L.A. landmark - Police air traffic control, spinner pit-stop, etc. L.A.
  • Yamajiro - Sushi restaurant atop the Sushi Tower
  • Kuppa Joe - Coffee stall in The Pits
  • The Secret Garden - nightclub in Little Marrakesh
  • El Diablo's - sleazy L.A. café owned by Enrique Gonzales
  • Green Lantern - exclusive Chinese restaurant
  • Rep-Detect police station
  • Alexia's apartment - penthouse in secure apartment block in L.A.
  • Cavatt's - Private bank - used by Thorne
  • Inner Circle meeting room - subterranean facility, somewhere in the world
  • Tannhauser Gate
  • Brunner's World - primary Off-World colony at Beta Hydri
  • SubZero East - Corporate City on Brunner's World
  • Orbiter VII - SubZero Consolidated orbiting transfer station over Brunner's World



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