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Running Scared

This Page written by: Brian Kay

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Glenn's Folly

The Red Dragon stirred. That's what Grimes called the tingling, burning sensation that radiated from the pit of his stomach, slowly unfolding throughout his body, like the leathery wings of the mythical, scaled serpent. Mironova had emerged from the shadows of Joseph's office, near the long conference table. Grimes immediately focused on Mironova's hands: A fragmentation or incendiary device was clutched tightly in his trembling hands. Mironova looked unhinged. His face was pale and unshaven, his clothes were rumpled and ill-fitting, as if he slept in them for days. His usually high-pitched voice was low. Deliberate. The man obviously looked like shit, but his tone of voice was in stark contrast to his disheveled appearance. Joseph and Mironova were going back and forth. One accusing. One Denying. Grimes inched his way towards Mironova, hoping the disturbed bastard would take no notice. The burning sensation now coursed vigorously through Grimes's body. The little shit Mironova had the audacity to insult him as well as Joseph. He was nothing more than Joseph's grotesque lackey, his corporate Frankenstein monster. Grimes wanted to kill Mironova. Kill him most savagely. The Red Dragon was now fully awake and the yellow eyes of the beast saw red. Blood red. Grimes eyed Joseph. One gesture. That was all he needed from Byron and Glenn Mironova would be dead before he hit the highly polished floor. Joseph spoke, his right hand rubbing his eyes.

"So, what you're saying Glenn, is that I somehow killed Michael Lee. That I betrayed him, his work and that propelled him on his journey to self-destruction. Joseph stopped rubbing his eyes and his gaze fixed on Mironova's milky-white face.

"Yes. Yes, Byron. You perverted Lee's work. You corrupted the project. High-jacked the research and twisted it to suit your malevolent desires."

Joseph let out a short laugh. "Nice speech Glenn, did you think that up right now or did you write it down with a Crayon on construction paper and memorize it like a good little boy?" Mironova seemed, at first, to be unfazed by the jibe. His breath now seemed to be labored and his mouth was partially open, his tongue was swollen. Tiny black, web-like veins glistened moistly.

Joseph smiled.

He knew what was happening to the irritating little cocksucker.

"This is the endgame, Joseph." Mironova spoke slowly. "Soon, you will matter not. I know about your damnable creation, the Eldon Wellness Centers and the bastardized subsidiaries. Soon others will know." Joseph shot an icy glance at the insolent fucker and said, "Oh. I see. And what do you know?"

"That you're harvesting bodies."

Joseph stood motionless for a fraction of a second. His lips quivered ever so slightly. Then he laughed heartily and spoke. "Bodies, Eh? Well, Glenn, you may recall the Compassionate Euthanasia Act of 2009? We provide certain people with a graceful exit to their pained lives. Hell, it is even covered by most insurance companies. It is all on the up and up. Contact the legal bureau if you don't believe me." Mironova ignored Joseph's reply. "You are using these poor people for your ungodly research. And you duped us into going along with your perverse plans; the surgery; the wet-wiring; making addicts of us all." Mironova staggered a bit and Grimes quickly looked at Joseph as if to say now? Joseph shook his head no.

"Glenn, you are such an ass-hole. When the hell did you suddenly get religion? Ungodly indeed. Do you really give a sincere shit for the unwashed masses, do you? You are one of the haves, you fucking moron. You volunteered, just like every-one else; signed away of your own free will. You are experiencing one of the most incredible breakthroughs in technology in recent history and you want to blow it us all up? Why? Because you are an addict? Addicted to connecting with your S.O.R.? When was the last time you connected? 'Cause you do look like hell, Glenn." Joseph snorted and continued. Where is your Sensory Organic Replicant, hmmm? Did you destroy it? Or, maybe you are having some bleed-throughs? Images of you buggering teenage boys coming back to haunt you, you pedophilic fuck."

Mironova blinked. He said nothing. All he could do was blink.

"Stunned into silence, eh Glenn, me boy. Joseph said coolly. "That is what the Eldon Wellness center was for. To purge you of your unpleasant memories of the past. Joseph cocked his head slowly. "Or, are they not so unpleasant?" Joseph smiled broadly as he spoke. "Did you send your S.O.R. to capture those moments of illicit passion? Joseph walked past Mironova, as if the harried man did not exist. He made his way to the large window and stood looking out into the darkening, great gray expanse.

"Who or what are you, Joseph?" Mironova said weakly.

Joseph reached into his jacket pocket and produced a pair of eyeglasses and slowly put them on. He turned and faced Glenn. Mironova gasped and urinated in his pants. Joseph then held his arms outward and cocked his head at a painful angle, crossing his feet. A grotesque mockery of the Crucifixion.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the Way."

Mironova dropped the canister from his hands and it clanked loudly on the floor and rolled towards Joseph's feet. Joseph straightened himself and smirked.

"A smoke canister, Glenn?" You are such a fool." Joseph walked slowly towards Mironova. Glenn shrank away from Byron, as if he was a vampire.

"You're dead. That Rep crushed your skull…Mironova's voiced trailed off.

Joseph towered over the cowering man. "Do you really think you can destroy The Maker of Man/Machine? The Creator?" Joseph's eyes burned with a hungry brilliance. "Let me show you what I am. Joseph lunged for Mironova and shoved his swollen, glistening tongue into Mironova's mouth.



Option 1 - The Creator

Option 2 - Joseph goes to a party

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