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Running Scared

This Page written by: Brian Kay

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Musings from the Abyss

The Red Dragon has left me. I sit, cloaked in shadows. I feel the darkness upon me. It has weight. Like a wet, black burial shroud. Suffocating. My eyes try to penetrate the obsidian gloom, but to no avail. Tears streak down my cheeks. I shall not try so hard to see. All that is reflected back to my damaged eyes is the nothingness of the Abyss. I laugh. The Abyss. How melodramatic of me. It is the Abyss, though isn't it? I think so. I have opened the so-called Pandora's Box and all that has transpired is of my own hand. The great dark, yawning vortex has claimed so many, but I have escaped its black grasp. Or have I? Albert's terrible knife is now still. The blood is everywhere. Staining. I can feel it upon my skin. I am stained as well. In more ways than one. I laugh again. It is a hollow chortle. Father lies just beyond me, smoldering. The tattered linen must look like charred, flayed skin. I know it is not, but the stench of roasted flesh that hangs heavy in the air reminds so. I shudder. I hear Albert moving in the dark. I can imagine his hulking form slowly rising over Dr. Kino's delicate corpse. Well, perhaps not so delicate now. I do not laugh this time. I caress my bare skin. The violence of the night comes back to me and a sudden surge of heat stirs in my loins. My nipples become erect. I stop. I cannot indulge myself now. There is much to do. I instruct Albert to begin cleansing this room, this chamber of horrors. It is time to leave the shadows. Light is coming. I have grown so accustomed to the dark. I somehow move much more easily, almost ethereally in the dimness. I let the carnage of the night evaporate away from my mind, like a ……Autumn mist. How clever of me. Brandt would like that. The emerging gray light of dawn filters in from the window. Violence and brutality will visit upon the chosen few. I smile and speak to the emerging day, "Wake up…time to die."




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