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Running Scared

This Page written by: Rachael

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She left the table briskly and headed for the door. She gave the bartender a barely perceptible nod as she passed. He lowered his eyes in acknowledgement and turned away. Glancing over her shoulder, she could see that Thorne already had the dossier out.

"Poor bastard," she muttered under her breath. "He doesn't know what he's getting himself into this time."

Bracing herself for the stagnant, filthy atmosphere outside, she replaced her goggles and shot through the door. The spinner door was already open, waiting for her. The air had a dusty orange tinge to it - reflections of the now setting sun. The spinner itself was bathed in the bloody glow. The open door of the spinner seemed to breathe with a life of its own, the entrance to Dante's Inferno.

"Get me out of here," she crisply commanded the driver. "Take me home."

The spinner rose from its hellish berth and headed away from the Sushi Tower. Her sharp eyes watched it slowly vanish into the haze. She closed her eyes and commanded herself not to think about what she had just done. That would come later. She knew she would not sleep that night. There was plenty of time for her to think while trapped in the deep recesses of the twilight hours.

She opened her eyes as the spinner touched down in front of her building. The street level activity was business as usual - wet, filthy, teeming with a life all its own. As the spinner door opened, the dank stench penetrated through her respirator. Dark forms skittered around her feet as she hurried into the lobby toward the elevator.

"This is a secured facility. Please state your name."

The monotone from the elevator surveillance computer always irritated her.

"Ruebyk, Alexia"

A pause.

"Visual scan and voice recognition survey complete. You may proceed."

The elevator doors opened, and Alexia slipped inside just as the doors began to close.

"98827," she instructed. She leaned wearily against the back wall as the elevator silently carried her upward to her penthouse apartment. She had just finished ripping off her head gear when the elevator doors opened directly at her apartment door. She stepped out of the elevator into the dimly lit entryway. The elevator doors closed and the concealing wall slid down in its tracks with a whisper, eliminating any evidence of the egress.

The blinking red signal light from the vidphone stabbed out at her from its perch inside the living room.

"Increase illumination," she sighed, and the wall sconces began to caress the walls with a muted shade of pale yellow. "No, not so damned cheery. Adjust." The pale yellow faded into a soft green, then to a dusky blue. "Stop."

She dropped her head gear on the Persian carpeted floor and strode toward the vidphone. She didn't have to retrieve the message. She didn't even bother to sit down. She punched in the private number.

"And?" the voice from the vidphone queried. The screen remained blank.

"He's got the files," she retorted.

"He actually showed up?"

"Of course. He trusts me."

"And you told him ...."

"I told him exactly what I was supposed to tell him."

"And he believed you?"

"Look, I've known Thorne long enough to know which buttons to push. We went over this before. The scenario I played out was all he needed to bite. That, and the money."


The vidphone transmission abruptly terminated.




Option 1 - Alexia Ruebyk

Option 2 - Alan Thorne takes his leave

Option 3 - The voice on the vidphone

Option 4 - The Inner Circle

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