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Running Scared

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Page not yet written

This page in the story has not been written yet. Do you want to write it?

If you do, e-mail me immediately with your name and this page code ( BRIS01baaac ) and I will reserve this page for you. You then have 1 week to write the page.

What you need to provide:

  • Page code (as above).
  • Your name (Note this is the name that will appear at the top left of the page - it does not of course need to be your real name, but please use the same name for all submissions.)
  • Short title
  • Text - minimum short paragraph - maximum about 1000 words.
  • Options - minimum two, maximum five, unless terminating this thread of the story. Note - if you want an option to point to an existing page elsewhere in the story, please supply the five letter code for that page. If you can't find it, but can describe it, I might be able to help you find it, but I'd prefer you didn't give me extra work!




Pages in white continue the story. Pages in yellow are yet to be written. Note that the unwritten options are just suggestions for how the story might continue - you can add something completely different if you like.

Each page in the story ends in a five letter code. If you want to return to this page in the future, make a note of the page code and you will then be able to change your URL to take you straight back to that page.

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