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The Shadow

When Detective Tony Peters had entered the building, the shadow had been watching. When Peters was upstairs at Thorne's apartment, the shadow had been waiting. Now as Peters and Alan Thorne came out and headed towards Peters' car, the shadow was thinking.

"You're going to go to Alexia's now aren't you? What do you think you'll find when you get to her place boys? You'll find exactly what we did, and then you'll be just as baffled as we are". The figure in the dark could not see how the Father thought these men could do any better then the Circle had in unraveling this mystery. Though these two Blade Runners did show a tenacity and skill that gave hope.

The pair of investigators got into the car and drove off. They were talking but the shadow couldn't hear what they were saying and personally didn't care what they were saying. It was probably mindless chitchat and even if it weren't, the Circle would find out what it was in good time. Everything has a time and a place.

The figure stubbed out the end of a cigarette under a boot on the wet pavement and walked back into the dark alley where a jet-black motorbike stood.

Moving further into the darkness, the shadow considered the situation they and their comrades were in. The Circle had ordered the murder of an innocent man and had only discovered his innocence through his own suicide. One man's weakness could very well have become his greatest strength. If Michael Lee had not been so scared to take his own life, then he would have effectively caused the deaths of both Glenn Mironova and Byron Joseph. However both men were safe now, the Inner Circle had other people watching them, but it was only a matter of time before something else happened. They had to find out who the foxes in their hen house were. What had made Alexia give them the wrong information? She had known that the targets weren't replicants. The Circle's contacts with access to the confidential files Tony Peters had logged into earlier had found that out already. What made such a valuable, talented and loyal servant of the Circle lie? Money probably. That's what seemed to be the only thing important to the people on Earth these days. The shadow was no fool and knew that the circle was only a small exception. However Alexia's betrayal seemed a lot more purposeful, as if the force that had seduced her was very powerful. These detectives would be very useful, very useful indeed. They could find out who this unseen force was. The Circle would have to make their presence known to these men. Not yet, but soon. Everything has a time and a place.

Of course, these men had proved their usefulness once already. Thanks to Tony Peters' extensive look through Michael Lee's deleted files, which the Circle had no access to, they now knew that the existence of the devil children was a fact. Originally only a few well-informed snitches were what told the Circle of their creation and since then they had all died mysteriously. But now after a year of following dead end leads and finding nothing they had hit the jackpot. Solid proof that the devil child project was up and running. Before now it had only been a myth. Once again the shadow acknowledged the detective's help.

Climbing onto the motorbike and starting the engine, the shadow whispered three words into the cold air.

"Good luck men."

With that, the rider speeded into the night, anxious to find what Thorne and Peters would unearth.



Option 1 - Thorne and Peters

Option 2 - Alexia

Option 3 - The Shadow

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