Code of Ethics: Part 09.


The rain still fell lightly, making an almost pleasant rhythm on the roof of the Spinner. Jacobsen sat there for a moment before powering it up and took a deep breath. He was tired now. All the nervous energy from earlier was used up and it was time to go home. A part of him just wanted to go to sleep right there in the command seat of the Spinner. It was comfortable enough, he thought. A full minute went by and then the machine began to hum to life.

The Medical Examiner's face looked tired on the VidPhone. Jacobsen had called him mid-way through the morning after sifting through a variety of files on the Nexus 5 that had been called Jennifer. Susan had been accurate down to the last detail on the death of her co-worker. Despite a thorough scan of the surveillance inside the factory, he hadn't seen one second of contact between Katja and Jennifer. Still, the gnawing feeling that there might be a connection annoyed him.

" Death was caused by a massive crushing blow to the mid-thoracic region. The heart, lungs and all the blood vessels anywhere near were instantly incapacitated. Her actual death took about a minute to take place after the injury. There was enough oxygen in her brain to allow activity but not for long."

Jacobsen reviewed the notes in front of him. " Doc, did you do a full examination of the body?"

The M.E. shook his head. " No reason to. Cause of death seemed straightforward, as did the circumstances surrounding it. I watched the internal surveillance provided by Mister Tacarrin at the same time as the Health and Safety Inspector. It was an accident Detective."

Jacobsen rubbed his forehead for a moment. " Doc, could you do me a favor? Before you ship the body off to the Tyrell boys for their analysis, I'd like a full exam of the body to take place. The whole nine yards please. You probably won't find anything but I need it done for my records."

The man sighed heavily. " Detective, do you have any idea what my case load looks like? Besides, the body is scheduled for pickup this afternoon."

Jacobsen leaned close to the VidPhone. " Doctor, I need that examination done. Please send me your results when you're done okay?"

It took three hours but the Medical Examiner finally called back. " You were right, I didn't find much."

Jacobsen scrolled through the report that had been sent over as the M.E. continued. " Most of the exam was unremarkable but there were a couple of things I didn't expect."

" Oh yeah, what's that?"

" Well, it does happen but most Reps out there that aren't necessarily designed as pleasure models do become sexually active."

Jacobsen's head snapped toward the Vid display. " She was sexually active?"

The Doctor nodded. " Yep. Scrapings of the nails revealed some leftover residue of what appeared to be a lubricant commonly used for sexual activity. Also, her vaginal area appeared to have been wiped clean."

" What do you mean wiped clean?"

" Just what I said. With a strong antibacterial soap and recently. Of course, further examination of the cervix and surrounding areas revealed signs of a lot of sexual activity. There was a lot of mileage on her parts."

" Any DNA evidence recovered?"

The M.E. shook his head. " I was able to get a little bit but very little of value. Combination of age and the cleaning but I can tell you that the last person to have sexual contact with her had type A positive blood."

Jacobsen scanned his KIA notes. Tacarrin was on file as having type O blood. Dead end there. " Anything else?"

" Not really. I've got some other things out for analysis. Stomach contents looked normal. Toxicology came back negative for drugs and alcohol. No other signs of abuse or trauma. I'll let you know what the lab turns up but that's it for now. Wish I had something more for you. Sorry."

" You've given me a lot Doc. Thanks."



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