Code of Ethics: Part 10.


Making appearances at Tacarrin's plant was starting to become something of a regularity, which bothered Jacobsen. Not that he hated Tacarrin so much as the fact that he found himself becoming used to the conditions at the plant. Standing there in the inner enclosure, waiting for Susan to come and collect him once again, Jacobsen felt an overwhelming urge to rush back outside to the air and activity that made up the streets of Los Angeles.

" Detective, what a pleasant surprise. Did you miss me?" Maybe it was shower day. Maybe it was luck. Jacobsen didn't know and didn't care just then. Susan's face was scrubbed up clean and her blonde hair, still wet, was pulled back into a ponytail. Her work clothes had been replaced by a set of old, but relatively clean, coveralls. Compared to her usual appearance, Susan looked like a prom queen.

Jacobsen tried to hide his surprise and then attraction. Susan really was a pretty woman, even if a Rep. " Well our last visit left me with some questions and I thought I'd come back instead of doing this over the Vid. Is Mister Tacarrin around?"

She nodded. " Follow me."

Tacarrin's was in his private bathroom when they entered. He peaked out from the half-closed door, his chubby features awash in shaving foam. " Detective Jacobsen. I wasn't expecting you. Would you like some tea? Maybe something stronger?"

Jacobsen looked at Susan as he gave his answer. " Some tea would be just fine thank you."

Taccarin had gone back to his shaving. " Susan, could you bring a tea for the Detective? Mine needs a refill as well." He called from the bathroom. She disappeared obediently out the door and down the stairs as Jacobsen settled into a chair in front of Taccarin's desk. It took a few minutes, but the businessman appeared from the bathroom wiping some stray foam streaks from his face with a towel.

" You've found Katja?" He asked.

Jacobsen shook his head. " Came close but she hasn't been retired yet. No. I stopped in late last night to look through her things one more time hoping to jog my memory and I think I may have made some strides. Oh and by the way, I was sorry to hear about the loss of your Jennifer unit."

Taccarin's features shifted in a way that belied surprise and perhaps even fear to Jacobsen. " Yes, well accidents do happen. So what brings you here Detective?"

" Well I was hoping to interview some of the female workers on Katja's shift. I'm not sure, but they may be able to provide me with some details that I haven't been able to put together."

Tacarrin smiled lewdly. " Women. They stick together no matter how they've been created."

The door behind them opened and Jacobsen looked up at Susan, who smiled. "Amen."



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