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The Making


<<< The development team.
Hmm, that place looks familiar! >>>

The Scenes used in the computer game are the exact same scenes from the film but they are graphically enhanced. Firstly the developers scanned in an image from the film then brought it to life even more. As you can see, on the left is a picture of the concept design (from the film) and then the final design (From the game). Also, each scene they made took around two weeks and considering there's way over 3000 scenes in the game they must have had a lot of employees.


Also there were over 500 unique ground cars and spinners used in the game. Each one was sketched out by hand even if it was just scenery. The developers wanted to create a look and feel of the future and they have done an excellent job.


One of the most challenging parts of the game was creating the characters. There were over 200 interactive characters in the game. Each one was sketched out by hand and then made into a 3D model for the game. (The character sketch on the left is of Lucy.)