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Hi and welcome to the Blade Runner Zone, a web site devoted to the classic Westwood adventure/RPG game called Blade Runner.

Blade Runner, known more as a sci-fi movie than a game, was released in 1982 and received a lukewarm reception at best. Critics thought the story line to be slow-paced and lacked strength in the main character. 
However, the movie was highly touted for its painstakingly detailed sets and beautiful screen shots. Blade Runner set the tone for the 1980's and has become the most influential science fiction film of all time.

Latest large addition: Technical Support page added to Articles Section in July 2002. Also updated tips.

In November 2001, the Blade Runner Zone was adopted by as the Blade Runner Game section of the site. Andrew Webb and Marc Wickens created the original Blade Runner Zone - one of the best Blade Runner Game sites on the Web, (launched on 15 April 2000). Lives move on and BRzone was in danger of disappearing, but Marc has kindly donated the BRzone pages to BRmovie, so that it may be maintained indefinitely for BR fans everywhere. The site has been reconstructed and restructured to BRmovie standards, but the original style of the site has been retained. Further development of this section is now managed by Netrunner.

As with the rest of, best results will be obtained if you have installed the Blade Runner Movie font, available for download from the BRmovie Downloads section.

Note: I am not a complete game guru so welcome any new suggestions or game tips. If you are playing and get stuck, then please read the First Steps, the Top Tips and if really necessary, the walkthrough. And if you still completely stuck with something after you have read everything here, then maybe, just maybe, I might be able to help you. But only e-mail me after you have really made the effort yourself.

Blade Runner Tip: What's the Designer's Cut for?

Since Blade Runner was meant to be played multiple times, the Designer's Cut option was created to cut down on some of the dialogue in the game. With this option on, only the most important clue-containing dialogue will be heard. We recommend only turning this option on after you have finished Blade Runner at least once. That way you won't miss out on any of the storyline.