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Screen Shots:

We hope eventually to have a shot of every scene in the game, but that is a mammoth task and will take time, you can help us by sending us screen shots of scenes that aren't yet here.
While in the game press the Print Scrn button, now exit the game and go to paint, go to edit > paste. Save it as a BMP file and send it to me.
Click on the images to see a better quality version.

If you've seen the film then you'll see how accurately the designers have recreated each scene. Take the Eye Works for example, brilliant. Of course the amazing visuals in this game really come to life when you hear the sounds, Animoid Row would not be complete without the sound of the rain falling.

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mccoy.jpg (22875 bytes) night-club.jpg (332410 bytes) animoid_row.jpg (325312 bytes) at_bar.jpg (38325 bytes)
Hotel Roof, you get beaten up here! (Marc Wickens) Night Club Row  (Marc Wickens) Animoid  Row (Marc Wickens) China Bar (Marc Wickens)
Pour me one, just one?
b4_bar.jpg (38660 bytes) china_bar.jpg (334863 bytes) kingston.jpg (354603 bytes) outside_bobs.jpg (308191 bytes)
Hawker's Circle  (Marc Wickens) Howie Lee's  (Marc Wickens) Kingston Kitchens  (Marc Wickens) Outside Bullet Bob's (Marc Wickens)
outside_eye_works.jpg (305447 bytes) policehq.jpg (239144 bytes) spinner1.jpg (22800 bytes) spinner2.jpg (276777 bytes)
Eye Works  (Marc Wickens) Police HQ (Marc Wickens) McCoy's Spinner (Marc Wickens) McCoy's Spinner 2  (Marc Wickens)
tryell1.jpg (20826 bytes) yukon.jpg (120816 bytes) bryant-office.jpg (20343 bytes) clovis.jpg (59275 bytes)
On your way to the Tyrell Corp. (Marc Wickens) Yukon Hotel  (Marc Wickens) Bryant's Office  (Marc Wickens) Clovis Close up  (Marc Wickens)
hallway.jpg (134557 bytes) jf-chess.jpg (23687 bytes) lift.jpg (19863 bytes) mccoy-spinner.jpg (23480 bytes)
Hallway in JF's place  (Marc Wickens) In the game, JF plays chess with Pris  (Marc Wickens) McCoy coming out of lift  (Marc Wickens) McCoy in Spinner  (Marc Wickens)
runciter.jpg (18199 bytes) spinnet-billboard.jpg (33883 bytes) Fill This gap Fill This gap
Runciter, not as innocent as he looks! (Marc Wickens) The billboard is recreated pixel by pixel, stunning.  (Marc Wickens)