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Running Scared

This Page written by: Brian Kay

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The Dark Wizard behind the Curtain

Albert Grimes was an ugly man. 'The goddamnest ugly man' Byron Joseph thought to himself. He dare not say to the big man's face, it was hard enough to look the man square in the eye, and Mr. Grimes was quite sensitive about his less-than-appealing physical features. Grimes stood six-feet-two inches and was broad in shoulder, and while not a sculpted Adonis, was thick in chest and arms. He was clad in the distinctive, black faux-leather, three quarter length Tyrell security uniform jacket. His uniform bore the remnants of dust, dirt and whatever foul grime that swirled and clung to whomever braved the area around the hellish refineries. The goggles dangled comically from his obscenely thick neck, and the respirator unit was stained black with what, Joseph did not care to know. His large face was severely pockmarked and his lips were almost fish like and constantly chapped. His large tongue would occasionally dart out of his mouth like a pink slug, wetting his damaged lips. Joseph would try not to visibly wince when Grimes did this. Grimes was a big man. A monstrously big man and his past was just as grotesque as his body.

Grimes came to the Tyrell Corp by way of the military, but the army he served in was an army of one. A soldier of fortune who delighted in the brutality of his mercenary profession. When his bloody past deeds reached out to him like a crimson stained debt-collector from the grave, Grimes sought other means of employment. Grimes was just a harness bull in the security division and was on the road to self-destruction, when Byron Joseph stepped out from the shadows and changed Grimes's life forever. Saved his miserable life, if you asked Joseph. Grimes would have been dead due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his right temple if Byron Joseph had not materialized into his tortured life. Now Grimes was a senior security officer assigned to the genetics division, an enviable position. Not so enviable was the position that Grimes was in now.

Indentured servitude to Byron Joseph.

Grimes finished giving his oral report to Joseph. He scoured the refinery area for the bodies of Lee and Beels, and neither corpse could be found. Grimes also informed his dark Majesty that he had exhaustively scanned all security recording devices and subtly interviewed, as best as he could, those who might have seen or heard anything. The end result: Lee and Beels were consumed by the fires of the Tyrell Corporation.

Joseph nodded his approval and rubbed his eyes. A sharp, stabbing pain radiated behind his eyes and he cursed his degenerative ocular condition. He quickly applied some clear droplets into his eyes and blinked furiously for a few moments. As he was blinking like a schizophrenic off his meds, Joseph wondered if Grimes continued with his weekly, job-mandated visits to the Eldon Wellness Center. Most of his staff were required to attend the Wellness center at certain times as well. All by the direction of the Grand Puppet Master himself, Byron Joseph. He told them it was necessary to help deal with the stresses of the job and outside stresses as well that come with being employed by the biggest manufacturer of life since Christ. He hoped that the 'treatments' would help with any 'bleedthroughs' that might be occurring. Especially in Albert Grimes's case. The man had a hell of a bloody past and Joseph wanted to keep Albert steady and only awake the dragon of his past when it suited his needs. The Dragon may awake soon, Joseph thought to himself, because if Mironova thinks he is concealing himself in the shadows of my office, he is horribly mistaken. Grimes knows you're here, my shrill friend. I can see it in his eyes, those cold, black shark's eyes. Joseph shuddered, barely perceptible.

And people say I'm a scary eyed son-of-a-bitch.



Option 1 - Grimes, Mironova and Joseph.

Option 2 - Retirement.

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