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Running Scared

This Page written by: Rachael

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A white hot blade of panic slid into Alexia's side as she gasped, stunned, staring at the wound on her arm. Her eyes darted around the conapt's interior. Nothing out of place. No indication of intrusion. Of course not. But they had left their mark on her. That was very deliberate. They could have extracted her DNA from any trace evidence she had left behind, here or anywhere. They were becoming bolder. Alexia narrowed her gaze and hissed in anger.

"You'll not pull me into this game," she thought as she whirled from the window and stood over her documents. She retrieved the one set she vowed she would never use again. Until now.

Grinding her jaw, she dressed into a cityclothes garment and grabbed her gear. From the back of the garment chamber, she slid open a cleverly hidden cache. She tucked the weapon into her jacket, the necessary vials and syringes into her cargo pockets. Her documents were taped to her chest. She took one last look around the conapt, knowing that it would be the last time she would see it.

"Cat and mouse, eh? I'll not be your toy!" she screamed at the conapt's silent speakers.

She slid into the elevator and was gone.



Option 1 - Wake up

Option 2 - Thorne and Peters

Option 3 - On her own

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