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Running Scared

This Page written by: Patrick Meaney

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Kid's Game

He was the youngest of the Twelve. They mockingly called him 'Kid,' doubting his ability to do anything for the organization. They had grudgingly accepted him, only after he derailed a replicant train line, killing three hundred abominations. He'd killed more skinjobs than any of them, but they still wouldn't admit his importance. Soon, they would all be powerless, and he would be in control. They'd be begging him for their lives, and their positions.

"...the hunter, Deckard, we need him. Frost, can your man..."

"They shut him down, he's dead now," Frost said. "I can't take the risks necessary to get another contact at this time. It's too soon."

The old woman, their leader, then asked the man called Hades, "You are known to have sources. Can any of your men control this Deckard?"

"I am sorry, but he is too elusive. I have all my operatives looking for him, but none of them have been able to get anything."

The old woman, called Angel, looked around. "Can any of you assist the search," she said eyeing the Twelve. They all looked away from her piercing gaze, unable to confess their failings to her.
All except Kid, who stared her down, smiling. "I may be able to arrange it."

"Do tell us more," she said, secretly afraid that he would find Deckard, and gain power in the organization.

"I have a credit line going to one of Deckard's old supervisors, he could be persuaded to locate Deckard, and even have him wipe out the abominations for us. I have contacts at the police station who could confirm anything the man says, even get us a room in there for a while. We have no risk of exposure. I'll take care of everything."

Angel looked pained. She had been played, one-upped by the kid. "Use your contacts, but do not risk exposure."

"Excuse me, I'm going to contact my source, you will have Deckard by tomorrow afternoon." The power had shifted. Kid knew that his plan would work, and once it happened, he could move to control the entire organization. He excused himself from the meeting, walked to the elevator, and ascended to his private office. He went through the retinal scan, and sat down at his desk.

He searched through his address book and found the number he was looking for. He dialed the first number, and heard an indistinguishable grunt, then saw the man he was looking for, on the vidphone.
"Captain Bryant, I need that favor we talked about."

Kid saw Bryant put down his bottle of beer, then say, "Consider it done, I have Gaff tracking him, he'll be here within the hour."

Kid smiled. There will be no more need for the Twelve now, there will only be the One.



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