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March 26 2005

>> Remember, as hard as this is to fathom, IT'S ONLY A MOVIE !!
>Oooh... Netrunner's not gonna like that...
Well, speaking as one who has seen that ultra-rare loose-cut
pre-workprint, I can tell you that Roy pushes his thumbs into Tyrell's
eyes and there is firstly a sweet popping sound as his eyeballs burst,
followed quickly by a squishy noise as the thumbs proceed through the
frontal labia of the brain directly into the cranial cavity and on
into the morgana operata (if my biology recall serves me
correctly....) Then Roy's fingers pressing from the sides overcome
the skull's fundamental resistance to start breaking it inwards and we
hear that stunning cracking sound as the bone fragments into shards
forced into the hippopotamus. The sideways crushing proceeds to a
point where the inate positive matrix of the skull's interconclusion
results in the back of the skull (known as the patisserie) is unable
to cope with the pressure and pops off in a huge gushing of grey
matter and red blood spurting. Roy drops the dead Tyrell on the floor
and licks the goo of his fingers in an animalistic delirium.

Well, that's what I think I saw...


(I thought it was blatantly obvious I was messing about, but some seem not to have noticed... Personally, I really like that "frontal labia of the brain" bit. As for the hippopotamus...)


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