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The Blade Runner Comic combined edition
The Blade Runner Comic Part One
The Blade Runner Comic Part Two

One of the well known tie-ins to the Blade Runner film is the Blade Runner comic. It was issued in two volumes and a combined edition. (Click on the pictures above if you want to see the big pics.)

The Blade Runner comic is very interesting for its interpretation of the movie. Quite obviously, they can't possibly do the same in a comic as in a 2 hour movie, so one expects that some dialogue will be trimmed or even slightly changed and details in the action will be curtailed or perhaps adjusted. One of the things I find most interesting is that some of those differences from the original movie version are referencing the shooting script! So, while there is some interpretation and a particular perspective present, it is in some ways almost like a different cut of the film.

Read the comic and find the subtle changes in dialogue and action for yourself. Where? Well right here of course! By virtue of technology and in the spirit of BR fandom, I can allow you to have a virtual look over my shoulder while I read through my copy...

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I have done my best with the scans to make them a reasonable file size, while still leaving them large enough and with enough detail that the writing remains legible. I hope that the majority will be able to enjoy the comic, but I recognise that a few will have difficulties. There is little improvement I can make even when I double the file size, so all I can suggest is you buy the comic for yourself on eBay where it is regularly on sale, (and a very good condition copy should still be under $10).

I have used the single, combined volume for the scans. I have put all the comic story up here, but have not bothered to include the photo section and blurb about the movie that comes at the end of the comic book as the pictures are common and the information is nothing you can't find elsewhere on this site. The only pages included from the end of the comic are about the making of the comic itself and the cover art.

The comics are Copyright Marvel Comics. Permission to reproduce part of the publications on this website has been requested from Marvel Comics, who, of course retain full copyright and all associated rights and privileges.