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When Blade Runner was released, one of the publications that came out at the same time was the Official Collector's Edition of the Blade Runner Souvenir Magazine. Some of you will have your own copy of this - if you don't check out eBay where it can often be found for a quite reasonable price. Many of you will have seen a great many of the pictures all over the Web. Particularly so as some of these pictures are publicity shots that have appeared in other publications as well. And many of you will also have seen other sites that have quoted sections of the interviews in this magazine. For some of you, particularly new fans of Blade Runner, this may be completely new to you. But whatever your familiarity with Blade Runner and no matter how long you've been a fan, I hope you will find this section of interest, because for the first time on the Web, I present to you the entire Blade Runner Souvenir Magazine. Just remember it refers to the Original Theatrical Release and is an interpretation rather than necessarily fact!

Also, please take a few minutes to read Ira Friedman's memories of how he came to publish the Blade Runner Souvenir Magazine.

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Obviously I don't own the copyright on this magazine. It was published in 1982 by Ira Friedman, Inc. of New York. The company itself closed, but I have been in contact with Ira Friedman and he has given his blessing to our on-line publication of the Souvenir Magazine. (Read his memories here.) Basic copyright of photos, etc. still resides with the Blade Runner Partnership and originally also with the Ladd Company.


A printed magazine can be reproduced on the Web in two ways. Either as full page scans (as I have done with the Blade Runner Comic), or as separate photos with separated text. I decided on the latter for the Souvenir Magazine for several reasons. Text is difficult to read in reduced size jpegs and is not searchable either on the page or via the site search. With positioned images, text loads first, so you can read while the images load. Also, you are quite welcome to use the images on other websites if you like, so another reason to separate them.

I have not attempted to represent the layout of the magazine 100% perfectly on the Web as firstly things appear differently on the Web anyway, secondly to attempt to do so would just be a waste of effort really and thirdly I am presenting individual pages, whereas the magazine often has images spreading across two pages and text referring to the opposite page. So instead I have tried to closely follow the magazine, but in places adopt the idea of the presentation rather than attempt to directly duplicate it. All the text is there and for some of the images that spread across two pages, you may well find part of the image on one page, but then the whole image on the other page. Compromises have had to be made on the images, as always, to balance quality and file size. And I know some of the images - the B&W ones in particular are not perfect in their scanned form - something I will attempt to fix over time. I have also added a few of my own comments. Phone numbers and addresses have been blanked out as they are no longer valid.

If you do have any comments, or any errors or problems with your particular browser, then please do let me know. Other than that, I hope it brings you pleasure.

Netrunner, October 2002