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Search Site is the Home of Blade Runner - the current Blade Runner FAQ, news, resources, links, quotes, scripts and everything else Blade Runner.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner
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This site is dedicated to fans of Blade Runner. It is intended to be the home of all contributors to the Usenet newsgroup and of course, anybody browsing the web is also welcome. It is the home of the a.f.b-r FAQ - the definitive version.

It is intended that there be numerous Blade Runner related items added to this site so that it becomes the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date source of Blade Runner information on the web.

As a "collective experience", the site should have content that is agreed by the good people at a.f.b-r but as with any magazine/anthology type thing, it requires a single editor. The webmaster is Netrunner.

The site is provided for free by David Caldwell and there will never be any charges whatsoever for using the site.

Advertising on this site is kept to a minimum and BR related. Most of the merchandise links are provided for information and is only affiliated with a couple of these retailers. The few pennies of revenue that comes from this goes toward the cost of the domain name and webspace.

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The Blade Runner FAQ is maintained by Lukas Mariman. For any information on the FAQ or suggestions you may wish to give, note that all changes to the FAQ will be filtered through him. All other items not specifically attributed to contributors are by Netrunner. All contributions that BR fans would like to share with the BR community are welcome.

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This site operates within the data and privacy protection laws of the UK and the USA. We confirm that no information is retained about individuals who visit the site. Contributors and correspondents names and e-mail addresses are held on file by David Caldwell, (and printed on related pages only where prior permission has been given), for the sole use of communication with those parties and will not be passed on to third parties for advertising or other purposes.