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Blade Runner cityscape and Tyrell pyramidsOne of the crucial aspects in the making of any movie is setting the right scene. Blade Runner set the scene so well, that people are still "being inspired" by it 20 years later. BR became one of the most accurate predictions of a future city of any film to the extent that in the documentary made in 2000, a flight over Los Angeles was so like the film, some casual viewers even thought it was an excerpt from the movie itself!

Chew in his laboratoryThen there are the superb sets - and those great locations! From the Bradbury Building to Union Station and the excellent reality of creating Chew's lab in an actual storage freezer! Of course some places needed to be created on a studio backlot to get the intense detail demanded by Ridley Scott.

Blade Runner street sceneIn this section we explore the different locations and the people who made them and even provide some current photos of the actual Los Angeles locations. The BR pictures themselves are mostly copyrighted by the Blade Runner Partnership and are used here purely in promotion of the film. A few of the more current location photos are gathered from the Web - if you see one that is unattributed and you know who took it, please let me know. However, most of the current (August 2001) location photos were taken by Gnomus specifically for this website, to be shared with BR fans everywhere. Many thanks to Gnomus for doing this for everyone. If you should wish to use any of the pictures taken by Gnomus on another website, please contact him for permission.


Locations Sets & Models
Street Scenes - WB New York Street Cityscape - Tyrell Building
Animoid Row Cityscape - The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Building
Police Station / Union Station Cityscape - Police Tower
Deckard's / Ennis-Brown House Deckard's Apartment
JF Sebastian's / Bradbury Building JF Sebastian's Apartment
Million Dollar Theatre Chew's Laboratory at Eye World
"Not Taffey's" / Wiltern Theatre Taffey Lewis' Snake Pit Bar
The Tunnel Tyrell's Office
Tyrell's Bedroom
  Ridleyville News