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Tyrell is disturbed in his bedroom


Tyrell is rather busy trading stocks when J.F. Sebastian turns up with some intriguing chess moves in their ongoing game. "Milk and cookies kept you awake?" - Tyrell is extremely arrogant even to his top genetic designer. Of course, JF is not alone. Roy has come to meet his maker, the human who creates Replicants that are "more human than human". An extraordinarily rich man who is danger of thinking himself as God. What kind of bedroom does a man like that have?

"We dressed Tyrell's room to look like the Pope's bedroom, very elaborate, very eclectic decor. The headboard was a $25,000 Chinese screen and the bed was two kingsize beds put together. There were big concrete columns which were 4-foot square and rose 25 feet into the air. Instead of just using raw concrete, we took material and actually draped the column so that it had a very religious kind of overtone to it."
  -  Lawrence G. Paull


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