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We have links to the best Blade Runner fan sites (including friends of a.f.b-r), best available cast and crew sites and a few other links vaguely related to Blade Runner that may interest you. This is not intended as an exhaustive list of links - there are, after all, hundreds of Blade Runner sites out there. These are just the best.

Note that there are also sets of links on other parts of the site:

If you come across any broken links or think a new one should be added, please e-mail the Webmaster. At, we believe in keeping our links up-to-date!

Note, clicking on a link will open a second window, but all links reuse the same second window, so don't worry about your desktop getting overly cluttered!

Blade Runner Web Sites:

BladeZone - The Online Blade Runner Fan Club - Large Blade Runner site. It has images, resources, etc. plus interviews with Blade Runner people.

2019: Off-World - Lots of resources including the Lost Chapter from Future Noir by Paul M. Sammon!

Lukas Mariman's BR Page - Dare to ask "the question"

Blade Runner Zone - Everything about the Blade Runner game - now added to BRmovie

Blade Runner Resource - Lots of media clips and those RoyBoy essays.

Reality or Simulacra - Some fine art by Amedeo and exploration of the postmodern condition.

Exploring Dystopia - Niclas Hermansson explores the dark dystopias represented in films like Blade Runner, Metropolis, 1984, etc.

Los Angeles, 2019 - Loads of information, pictures, etc. from Nicklas.

The Uncertainty of Being - A combination of philosophy and Blade Runner (a little in French, but mostly in English).

Blade Runner Collectibles - All the BR collectibles Perplex can find.

Police995 - The World of the Blade Runner Collection

Blade Runner Insight - A flashy full-screen site with in-depth analysis.

Replicant Dreams - Another pretty site with original BR inspired pictures.

LA 2019 - 3D Modelling the future BR Los Angeles. Currently defunct.

Exile Studio - Original art modelling Spinner and Blimp by Patrick Parenteau and much other terrific stuff.

Lyle's Inner Sanctum - Has some nice (different) Blade Runner pictures.

Bladerunner on Indranet

If you would like to see sites in Italian:
Blade Runner - The Replicant Site - Cool site in Italian and English.

If you would like to see sites in Spanish:
1187 Hunterwasser St. - Excellent, comprehensive Spanish site.
Memories of Green - Dedicated site in Spanish and English.
Antonio's BR site
Jack Blade Runner Page

If you would like to see sites in Japanese:
Blade Runner Collection
tacovun tribute (original art)

How to fold the Unicorn - Shigeki Hayashi shows you how. - Name and theme inspired by Blade Runner. Site is for special effects makeup, particularly silicone. You may even find some BR stuff there!

Westwoodsurf LA2019 - Heavy duty site - unfortunately seems to have died altogether now.

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Cast Web Sites:

Harrison Ford FAQ - Unofficial, but comprehensive. A good HF site is Harrison Ford Web. Or try the HF webring.

Rutger Hauer - Official site - The most personal of actor's sites which Rutger updates regularly.

Sean Young - Official site - well maintained and comprehensive. Now with dedicated "Blade Room".

Edward James Olmos - The new official site for EJO.

M. Emmet Walsh - Can't find anything interesting out there. Can you?

Daryl Hannah - A fan page.

William Sanderson - Official site - quite entertaining. Also, check out the audio interview with Bill at Escape Velocity.

Brion James - Official site - Brion well remembered.

Joe Turkel - No sites? Probably never will be now.

Joanna Cassidy - Official site - at present still mainly a news page. Hopefully there will be more to come.

James Hong - The official site finally got "constructed".

Morgan Paull - Official site, but not much left of it.

Or check any individual from the Blade Runner entry on the Internet Movie Database.

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Crew Web Sites:

Ridley Scott - Ridley Scott Associates site. Flashy. Check out Ridley's showreel (includes the classic 1984 Apple Ad.).

Syd Mead - Official site - a most excellent place to visit.

Entertainment Design Workshop - Doug Trumbull's FX Company - seems to be absent?

Philip K. Dick - the "more than just a fan site" that has now been relaunched as the official PKD site.

Official Vangelis website has never actually happened, so check out Elsewhere, an Excellent Independent Vangelis site. Also check out Vangelis collector - Everything Vangelis (and I mean everything!) And check out "Soundtrack Specialist" for his Vangelis Soundtrack archive.

Or check any individual from the Blade Runner entry on the Internet Movie Database.

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Related Newsgroups: (of course)


alt.cyberpunk - loosely(?) related

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Not BR, but related somehow

Android World - Do you want your own android or want to know about the state of android development today? Then visit the seriously cool Android World.

The Mad Capsule Markets - Japanese rock group inspired by Blade Runner.

Interested in Movie Mistakes? Well add yours to Wallywood and vote for BR while you're there.

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