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Blade Runner Frequently Asked Questions

The principal aim of this website is to provide the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information on the Blade Runner movie to be found on the Web. The questions in the Blade Runner FAQ are divided into categories and hyperlinked together. New information is added occasionally by contribution by the good people at and the whole thing is put together by Lukas.

Note that every attempt has been made by Netrunner to create the Web version of the BR FAQ to remain true to the FAQ document. Part of the Web enhancement means that a couple of sections have been split out entirely and can be accessed via the menu on the left. Apologies if any minor errors may have crept in. The full FAQ document is posted occasionally by Lukas to the newsgroup. It is now also available for download from here. You can choose the text version or the Word version. Right click on the link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...".

If you have queries on the Blade Runner FAQ, please contact the FAQ editor, Lukas Mariman. Queries sent to the webmaster, Netrunner, deemed relevant to the FAQ will also be forwarded to Lukas.


Blade Runner

Frequently Asked Questions

Version 4.2

Copyright © 2000-2006 Lukas Mariman.

Edited by Lukas Mariman
Assistant Editor: Netrunner

Plans are in progress to translate this FAQ into other languages that will also be available at in due course. If you would like to volunteer to be a part of this translation process, please e-mail

A text version of this document is also regularly posted to:, rec.arts.movies, alt.cult-movies, rec.arts.sf.movies, rec.answers, and news.answers

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Changes for Version 4.2
  • The BR Related Music Section has now been extracted from the main FAQ and given its own separate FAQ.



  1.  About the FAQ
    1.  What is a FAQ
    2.  What is the purpose of this FAQ?
    3.  Where can I get the FAQ?
    4.  Abbreviations & terminology used in this FAQ
  2.  The Film
    1.  About The Film
    2.  BR & Cyberpunk
    3.  Influences on Blade Runner
    4.  Film FAQs
  3.  The Soundtrack
    1.  About the soundtrack
    2.  Other Music in BR
  4.  Related Literature
    1.  About The Source Novel
    2.  About The Sequels
  5.  The Games
    1.  Is there a Blade Runner game?
    2.  About the board game.
    3.  About the old computer game.
    4.  About the 1997 PC game by Westwood Studios
  6.  Trivia
    1.  Trivia
    2.  Goofs & continuity errors
    3.  Movie Quotes
    4.  References to BR in other movies
    5.  References to BR in Music - now a separate FAQ
  7.  BR on Internet & Usenet
    1.  The World Wide Web (WWW)
    2.  Usenet
  8.  Related Stuff
    1.  Related Literature
    2.  Related Films
    3.  Related TV Series
    4.  Related Games
  9.  Credits


About the FAQ:

  1. What is a FAQ?
  2. What is the purpose of this FAQ?
  3. Where can I get the FAQ?
  4. Abbreviations & terminology used in this FAQ

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The Film:

  1. About The Film
    1. What is Blade Runner?
    2. What is it about? (Opening crawl)
    3. Situating BR
    4. BR Terminology
    5. How many versions of BR are there?
    6. What are the differences between the OV and the DC?
    7. Hey! What's with the differences in length between American & European versions of BR?
    8. Are there any sequels? I heard rumours ...
    9. BR cast information
    10. BR crew information
    11. How did BR come to be made?
    12. Who or what is the Blade Runner Partnership?
    13. Did BR win any awards?

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  2. BR & Cyberpunk
    1. What is cyberpunk?
    2. Is, or can BR be considered "cyberpunk"?
    3. Did Blade Runner influence William Gibson when he wrote his cyberpunk classic, "Neuromancer"?
    4. Did Blade Runner influence cyberpunk in general?

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  3. Influences on Blade Runner
  4. Back to Contents - Back to Contents

  5. Film FAQs
    1. Blade Runners
      1. What is a "Blade Runner" anyway?
      2. Why are they called "Blade Runners"? Where does that term come from?
    2. Glowing Eyes
      1. What's with the glowing eyes? What do they mean?
      2. If their eyes are glowing, why the need for V-K tests?
    3. Replicants
      1. What are replicants?
      2. Replicant information
      3. Do replicants have emotions, like "real" humans?
      4. Can replicants reproduce?
      5. Can replicants become intoxicated?
      6. What are those tattoos on Roy's chest?
    4. Animoids
      1. What are animoids?
      2. Are all the animals that we see in the movie, artificial?
    5. Deckard
      1. Is Deckard a replicant?
      2. How can Deckard be a replicant if the replicants he has to deal with are clearly all stronger than him?
      3. Bryant mentions a sixth replicant. What is going on? Is Deckard the sixth replicant? Is Rachael?
      4. Why does Deckard dream of a unicorn? What is that all about?
    6. Memories and Photographs
      1. What is the deal with implanted memories? Do all replicants have them?
      2. Are Leon's photographs real? I mean, if Rachael's photo was a fake, then...
      3. I could swear I saw Rachael and her mother move on that picture.
      4. What is the scribbling we see on the back of Rachael's photo?
    7. Language Matters
      1. What are the languages used in BR?
      2. What is "Cityspeak"?
      3. Translation of the noodle bar scene dialogue (with comments)
      4. What is the language used by the midgets that are ripping stuff off Deckard's car? What are they saying?
    8. Themes and Subtexts Used In Blade Runner
      1. Eye theme
      2. Religious theme
      3. Animal theme
      4. Chess Theme
    9. Miscellaneous Movie Questions
      1. The unicorn footage is from the movie "Legend", right? [NO, IT IS NOT!]
      2. Can you tell me how to make my own origami unicorn?
      3. What do Gaff's origami figures mean?
      4. Who is this Gaff anyway? What is his function in the LAPD?
      5. In the beginning of the movies we see these big fireballs. What are they?
      6. Whose eye is that in the beginning?
      7. Does Holden survive being shot by Leon Kowalski?
      8. Why didn't Holden recognise Leon?
      9. I think I remember a scene with Deckard jumping over a car in Zhora's chase scene, but I can't find it in any of the tapes or DVD's. What gives?
      10. Which companies were featured in BR?
      11. Why is there talk of a BR curse?
      12. Who is the actor who plays Abdul-Ben Hassan, the snake dealer?
      13. When Abdul and Deckard are arguing, why don't the words match the lip movements?
      14. When Roy Batty meets Tyrell, does he call him "father" of "f***er"?
      15. How does Roy get to Tyrell so easily?
      16. Who wrote the "voiceover" in the original theatrical release version of BR?

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The Soundtrack:

  1. About the Soundtrack
    1. Who wrote the soundtrack?
    2. More about the composer.
    3. Other work by the composer.
    4. Why did it take so long for Vangelis to release his own original work for the movie?
    5. How many versions of the soundtrack are there?
  2. Other music in BR
    1. What was the language used in the piece "Tales of The Future"?
    2. What is the music Rachael is playing when she is in Deckard's apartment?
    3. What is the music heard when Roy & Leon are on their way to visit Chew?
    4. What is the Japanese music that the blimp flying over Sebastian's apartment is playing?
    5. What is the music that is playing in Taffey's bar when Deckard enters?
    6. What is the music playing when Zhora is "taking the pleasures from the serpent"?

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Related Literature:

  1. About The Source Novel
    1. What is the source novel for BR? Who wrote it?
    2. More about the author
    3. Did the author ever get to see the movie adaptation?
    4. Differences between the book DADoES & the movie BR...
    5. Themes in DADoES
    6. Is Deckard a replicant in the book?
    7. Are there any sequels to DADoES?
  2. About The Sequels
    1. What sequels are there?
    2. What is the general opinion about these "sequels"?
    3. Who wrote them?
    4. More about the author.

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The Games:

  1. Is there a Blade Runner game?
  2. About the board game
  3. About the old computer game
    1. Can I still get the game? If so, how & where?
  4. About the 1997 PC game by Westwood Studios
    1. General & Technical information
      1. When was the game released?
      2. What are the hardware requirements? Can I run it on my system?
      3. Does the game work on systems with AMD processors?
      4. How many versions of the game are there?
      5. Swapping CD-ROMs sucks. Can I play the entire game from my hard disk
      6. Where can I find out more about the game's cast?
      7. Who wrote the music for the game?
      8. Will there ever be another Westwood "Blade Runner"game?
    2. Playing the Game (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS)
      1. Is Ray McCoy a replicant?
      2. Who else is a replicant in the game?
    3. Troubleshooting
      1. Are there any updates available for the game?
      2. What are the patches supposed to fix?
      3. Trouble getting away from the bomb at Moraji's lab?
      4. There's something wrong with the shooting range! Why does it take so long for anything to happen? Where are the targets?
      5. Workaround solution

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  1. Trivia
    1. Film Trivia
    2. Book Trivia
    3. Music Trivia
    4. Game Trivia
  2. Goofs & continuity errors
  3. Movie Quotes - see separate Quotes Section
  4. References to BR in other movies
  5. References to BR in music - now a separate FAQ

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BR on Internet & Usenet:

  1. The World Wide Web (WWW)
  2. Usenet
    1. What is Usenet?
    2. Specific BR-Related Newsgroups
    3. Other Relevant Newsgroups
    4. Usenet Jargon
    5. Tips for posting, reading, and replying to messages
    6. Using Acronyms
    7. Emoticons (AKA smileys)

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Related Stuff:

  1. Related Literature
    1. Fiction
    2. Non-Fiction
  2. Related Films
  3. Related TV Series
  4. Related Games

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  1. - Thanks to...
  2. - Sources

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