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( Or is it just Ridley Scott cleverly playing tricks on our minds?)


- The first shot of Batty's hand clenching up includes the nail, not inserted until later. The window in that scene is also visible, broken, before he breaks it.
- Deckard's instructions to the Esper machine aren't consistent with its behaviour.
- Number of replicants that Bryant claims are at large.
- Zhora's boots are high-heeled until she crashes through the glass.
- Batty's shoes change from blue (when he's climbing through the window) to black (when he's on the roof).
- Deckard's shirt (not) tucked in when Batty saves him from falling.
- When Deckard releases the dove there are black clouds overhead. In the next shot the dove flies toward clear blue skies.
- When the street vendor is examining the snake scale, the serial number she reads out loud doesn't match the number on her video screen.

Revealing mistakes:

- When Deckard takes out the V-K machine to test Rachael, he mimes the action. The machine is already on the table.
- Support cables for spinner.
- Obvious stunt player when Zhora crashes through the glass walls.

Audio/visual unsynchronised:

- Rachael's claim that the owl is real.
- Deckard's conversation with the snake merchant.
- Zhora's wounds appear before the sound of the bullets hitting her.


- The sheet music that Rachael reads does not match the song that she plays on the piano.
- A hand is visible on Batty's shoulder while he is in the phone booth. This is a reversed shot from later in the film when Batty meets Tyrell.

Crew or equipment visible:

- Shadow of a camera crew when Deckard is being chased by Batty through the Bradbury building.

- The Marquee for the Million Dollar Movie changes. When first seen over Pris' shoulder as she is lighting her cigarette, it is unreadable, BUT distinctly different from later in the scene after JF arrives. (Due to filming at that location taking over a week, during which time the films being shown were changed.)

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