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Search Site is the Home of Blade Runner - the current Blade Runner FAQ, news, resources, links, quotes, scripts and everything else Blade Runner.

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There are many news articles about Blade Runner that we have brought to your attention, interviews, reviews, analysis, Special Edition news and of course our own articles. To keep these in some sense of order, I've split them into categories.

All the News
This is your familiar Blade Runner News page, containing a link list of all news articles we find in reverse date order, (except for BR:SE news).
Special Edition DVD News
The facts you can trust on the new version of Blade Runner. This is your best source for all the latest on the indefinitely postponed Special Edition.
All the Views
All the Top 100, etc. lists containing Blade Runner, (there are a lot of them). Plus links to a lot of excellent reviews of Blade Runner.
The best of the articles that are primarily interviews with Blade Runner people. Lots of links (increasingly to articles now published on BRmovie).
Blade Runner Articles
The best of the articles from around the web about or related to Blade Runner. Some of these articles are now published on BRmovie or even written for us).
To help you find all the essays, in-depth studies and research on Blade Runner, its themes and complex questions of life. This section available from the main menu.


Please enjoy looking around and do drop me a line if you have any corrections, changes or new stuff to add to the site or you just want to leave a comment.