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Blade Runner has inspired much news as it has gradually increased in popularity in the two decades since its release. This interest continues to escalate with the forthcoming Special Edition DVD release later this year. Over the years, there have been many excellent articles about Blade Runner, the background to the movie, the troubles making it, the questions posed in it and of course its increasingly prophetic nature. I have collected here a list of the best of the articles either about or related to Blade Runner.

Please note that reviews, analysis and interviews are separated out into their own pages.


Mellorman has some interesting photos of Japan from his 2003 trip there to share with us.

Daryl Hannah recreates her role as Pris in Entertainment Weekly, 23 May 2003 - reviewed by Netrunner.

The Directors: Ridley Scott - a television programme on his films with special Blade Runner contribution by Harrison Ford - reviewed by Netrunner.

BR2: The Replicants Within - a short film by Harris Pozderac that follows the tale of the Sixth Replicant - reviewed by Netrunner.

Patrick shares his experience of the New York SF Convention 2002 including Blade Runner 20th anniversary screening with presence of Rutger Hauer and Joe Turkel.

Mark Kermode - "Lost like tears in rain" (External Link)
The presenter of the documentary "On the Edge of Blade Runner" discusses the clash of egos that went into the making of Blade Runner and subsequent issues.

Wired: My Own Private Tokyo by William Gibson (Sep 2001) (External Link)
Gibson revisits Tokyo after the Bubble and gives his own special view of where the Japanese are now. More Blade Runner than Blade Runner in some ways!

Aztec the owl
A few notes on the owl who is definitely not artificial.

Imagining the Future
czf attended this conference in November 2001, with virtual presence by Arthur C. Clarke and a panel of eminent bio and computer technologists. The famous futurist and inventor, Ray Kurzweil wrote us a personal dedication.

Wired: Why the Future Doesn't Need Us (Apr 2000) (External Link)
You MUST read this! It is about the future of robots, genetic engineering and nanotech and how the human race may be affected and is absolutely essential reading. Also check out the follow-up story in July.


Please enjoy these articles and do drop me a line if you have any corrections, changes or new stuff to add or you would like to contribute an article yourself.