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Japan Photographs 2003
Taken by Mellorman

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Rob has had the good fortune to be able to visit Japan on business and then vacation during October 2003. While there, he has been adding some amusement to the trip with some Blade Runneresque actions including seeking out some Blade Runneresque sights for us. Here are a few photos of what he has found (plus some more just for fun). [Click for the BIG picture. Note: these are just quickly slapped up at the moment, so the big pics are not contained in pages, so you'll need to use your Browser's Back Button to return.]

Daytime 3rd floor train
Daytime 3rd floor train
Million Dollar Movie Theatre
Million Dollar Movie Theatre
Roof Football in Tokyo
Roof Football
Shibuya view
Shibuya View
Roppongi Graphic EQ
Roppongi Graphic EQ

Rob's suggestion of what the architects meetings might be like:

"I've been thinking, why don't we just route that railway track right through the third floor of that tower block?"
"Well, that's an interesting idea, certainly, but what would be the rationale?"
"Because we can!"

"Let's put a football pitch on top of that tower block!"
"Because we can!"

"I know, let's put a big fuck-off graphic EQ on the front of that skyscraper!"
"And the reason would be, exactly?"
"Because we can!"

All the above photographs are 2003 Mellorman. They may not be reproduced in any medium without permission from the copyright owner.

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