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Search Site is the Home of Blade Runner - the current Blade Runner FAQ, news, resources, links, quotes, scripts and everything else Blade Runner.

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Want the DVD? Or the BR Game? Don't know which books or music to get? Maybe you'd like a Deckard action figure? Make sure you check the BR Related section for all your BR choices.


Want to buy Deckard's coat? Or maybe an action figure of Deckard, err, I mean "Android Hunter" or the "Android" he is hunting? How about a Spinner or Blaster? We tell you what is out there and try to point you to the right places to find some of this collectable Blade Runner memorabilia. For many of these, the most likely place to find your Blade Runner collectables is on auctions (Search eBay). Just make sure you know exactly what you are buying.
If you're looking for the Blade Runner DVD, books, game, soundtrack, etc. please see the Related section.


Blade Runner Poster

If you want a Blade Runner poster then you can either buy a rare collectible or an inexpensive new poster. Likewise with photos. Here is where to look. To provide a little side interest, I've also provided a collection of other movie posters that may interest you.

Blade Runner action figures

There are not many choices if you want to collect Blade Runner action figures, but the choice is increasing each year.

Blade Runner Spinner

Replica Blade Runner Spinners are very desirable for display at home, and particularly collectable are the original ERTL Spinners. You may also choose to make your own Spinner from a kit.

Deckard in his coat

If you want a replica of Deckard's coat or advice on other Blade Runner and future clothing, then walk this way. Oooh, suits you sir!

Deckard's Whiskey glass

Fancy a drink? Want to know anything about Deckard's glasses or what alcohol he drinks? Well I've got some info, plus other pictures of bottles, etc. you might find interesting.

Deckard's blaster

The preliminary gun and blaster page is now on-line.

More being added soon!

If you have any pictures or information on Blade Runner collectibles that you think might interest others, then please do send it all in!