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Wouldn't you love to own a Spinner? Okay, a real one is out of the question, but how about one of the more desirable of the Blade Runner collectibles - the ERTL Spinners? As one of the few original collectable items, they are sought after. Some people have made their own from scratch, but you can still get the Monsters in Motion model kit. The most likely place to find a lot of these models is on auctions (Search eBay). Just make sure you know exactly what you are buying.

There are a set of ERTL die-cast metal replica Spinners - not extremely rare just yet, but gradually becoming more rare as fans of Blade Runner buy them with no intention of selling them on. Here are a few to show what they are:

ERTL replica spinners
A few of the ERTL Spinners

ERTL replica spinners backing cards
Reverse of the ERTL Spinners backing cards

The Monsters in Motion Spinner Kit is described by them thus:

Spinner Car (Base not included )
Extremely detailed car with interior pilot and deckard figures. Made in a rotocast process allowing the modeler to light up or install RC. Comes with clear vacuform windows and etched detail in the car body.

The kit comes in 10 parts (resin). The final model is 17" (43cm) long. Oh, and it costs $200.

Monsters in Motion Spinner kit

Monsters in Motion Spinner kit

Japanese toy company medicomtoy has the following model on pre-order:

Scheduled release date: September 2003
Miracle Action Vehicle No. 1
Future Car
Reference retail price: 7800 yen (without tax)
Prototype production: Perfect-Studio
Prototype production advisor: Kaneko Satoru

If you are not in Japan, the spinner is also now available to pre-order at ToySyndicate:

ToySyndicate Spinner model ToySyndicate Spinner model

2003 September Shipping Date. Pre-order By May 15 2003
- This toy will be limited and will be difficult to obtain. Order yours today
Miracle Action Vehicle No.1 FUTURE CAR Prototype production PERFECT-STUDIO Prototype production cooperative Kaneko Satoru (GRIP)

- Total length approximately 270mm or 11 inches - In the movie Back to the Future 2 Vehicle appears throughout the movie - Nosewheel opens - Rolling wheeels - Gull-wing type door

Yours for $99.95 (Already up $10 since it first appeared).

Back to the Future is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios and U-Drive Joint Venture. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP. All rights reserved.

Note: It is well known that this "Future Car" that appeared in Back to the Future was literally the Blade Runner Spinner. But, any way one can get licensing...


Spinner Dokuhon bookYou can also get one of a limited number of the Spinner Dokuhon books from ToySyndicate. Cost $59.95 and only a few left.

However, it is still advertised on the original Japanese site TVC-15. The first 300 copies come with a limited edition CD-rom. 124 pages, B5 size, a paper model(?) of Tyrell Corp's Spinner included.