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The clothes in Blade Runner are wonderful. Who wouldn't want to have a few items of BR clothing in their own wardrobe? Of course, if you bought one of the original pieces, it would need to go on display in a glass case! It would also set you back a hefty sum.
Blade Runner clothes

The originals are for serious collectors with lots of cash, but what about the rest of us? Do you want a coat like Deckard's, or perhaps Roy Batty's coat is more your style? Not so easy to get, but then do you want a coat exactly like theirs, or one that just looks like it? If the latter, I feel any good coat retailer should be able to help you out. Good coats usually last very well, so I would definitely also look at second-hand options here. If you're just looking to create the image of one of the BR characters, then most people should be able to do so, without tremendous effort.

Rachael outfit in Blade RunnerHere is another original owned by the chap at in his private collection, (click the link then select Isberg Collection and search for Blade Runner). This is the outfit worn by Rachael when we first meet her, (and incidentally also what Sean Young wore at the UK premiere). On the same page, check out the Blade Runner number plate.

Where can I buy Deckard's coat?

Deckard looks stylish in his coat and fancy shirt and tieThe Deckard replica coat was being sold by TrenchCo, but after two years of troubles, the company finally closed. Trenchcoat Steve confirmed this to me himself. His e-mail (dated 10 Oct 2002) goes on to provide a little good news:
"I still have the rights to the name TrenchCo and all of the design specs for the replica Deckard Coat, Jacket, Shirts, and Tie were done by me.
I plan to relaunch the TrenchCo site as an "open source clothing resource" where fans can get information for free on how to make their own clothing, accessories, and props. Blade Runner is my all-time favourite movie and I've always loved coats and movie props so this will be a fun project for me.
It may be a little slow as I'll be doing it in my spare time but I'll be putting up the Blade Runner and Matrix sections first."

I will bring you more news of this when Steve gets the site up and running. A new replica coat company called AbbyShot have started making Matrix, etc. replica coats, (although not the Deckard coat yet).

Classic Burberry trench coatThe Deckard coat has many similarities to the classic "Film Noir" trench coat, which is, of course, based on the classic Burberry coat (first created in 1901). A top quality, authentic Burberry coat is very expensive new, but they've been around so long, you may be able to get a bargain good quality second hand Burberry coat (Search eBay). Or just get a copy for a tenth of the price. It won't be the real thing, but then have you considered what you would actually look like wearing this coat in real life? It won't turn you into Deckard, that's for sure! So here's a thought, why don't you get yourself a coat that suits you, your lifestyle and your budget?


Where do I find other future clothes and stuff?

I have to mention Replicant Clothing - after all, their name was inspired by Blade Runner.

For clothes of a "futuristic" style (what is more likely to be worn by Lara Croft or Leeloo) aimed more at the club scene, try Cyberdog. Cool site - check out the little dog movie that introduces their news page.

If you are more into an urban chic type of style, you could do worse than Diesel clothes. For a more upmarket cool chic, then fcuk you.

If you want to go wild and dress like Pris then maybe Killah Babe is your thing?

If you want the higher style of Rachael or Tyrell, then Armani won't do you wrong. (And a hot tip here is to check out the second-hand designer stores as people who buy very expensive clothes often change their wardrobe regularly... While you're in the second hand shop, you might find that Deckard-lookalike coat...

And what is Rachael wearing underneath that designer suit? May I suggest Agent Provocateur? Definitely entertaining even if you're not shopping.


Charmed Technology brave new unwired world fashion showOr maybe you are interested in the "wireless everywear" fashion technology to be found at Charmed Technology? You too could wear your personal computer.