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Blade Runner Deckard has a snoozeHad a hard day at work? Need a drink? Whether you choose Whiskey or Vodka, wouldn't it be nice to have your drink from just the right glass? Well, I'll see what I can do to steer you in the right direction. Of course, some of the following items will crop up in auctions (Search eBay). Just make sure you know whether you are buying a replica or not and if it can be bought new, check the price for that as well.
I'll start off with where you can get the genuine Whisky glasses that Deckard owns. Then we'll take a look at the shot glasses from which he drinks his Tsing Tao. And just for fun, how about a look at those bottles?.

Where can I buy Deckard's Whisky Glass?

Cibi glasses, designed by Cini BoeriThe Whiskey glass that Deckard uses is called the "Cibi" glass as designed by Cini Boeri for Arnolfo di Cambio in 1972. And yes, this classic crystal is still for sale.Deckard drinks Whisky from his Cibi glass You can get the "Double Old Fashioned" glass that Deckard uses from Phil Steinschneider, who sells the genuine Arnolfo di Cambio lead crystal glasses. Or you can try Tuscan Hills (who charge a little more when you include shipping costs), but offer a range of four different sized glasses.

Cibi glasses, designed by Cini BoeriM.B. wrote in to tell me,"I've got a couple and they are really nice glasses - big, heavy and perfect for a good whisky."

Cini Boeri ghost armchairThe Arnolfo di Cambio site says of the designer, "Cini Boeri graduated at Milan Polytechnic University and always dealt with civil architecture, interiors and industrial design. She designs houses, offices and shops, both in Italy and abroad, dedicating great detail to the study of functionality and space and of the psychological relationship between man and environment. Many of her works are present in museums and are shown in international exhibitions."

One of Ms Boeri's best known designs (designed with Tomu Katayanagi) is the "Ghost Chair". The chair is moulded from a single sheet of glass.


What about the shot glasses?

Tsing Tao replica glassesDeckard drinks Tsing TaoDeckard drinks his Tsing Tao out of a shot glass, (or is it a liqueur glass?) The glasses are fairly simple and have what may be a plastic band around them.

Tsing Tao replica glasses carying caseThe glasses depicted on the left are replicas which I have seen sold on eBay. The person who creates these replicas says they are based on a 1930's design. Sold with their own carry case.

Of course, these are not as unusual as the Whiskey glasses and you may be able to find something similar or equally inspiring at your local department store.

Are there other fantasy replicas?

Yes, if we go off into the realms of fantasy of what "might be" rather than what you actually see in the film, then you can get yourself some Snake Pit stuff like a glass and matches with Snake Pit inscriptions. And like the "Tsing Tao" replicas above, this stuff comes up on eBay (Search eBay).

I repeat, these are fantasy creations, not replicas! I personally think these items tend to be overpriced for things that aren't even replicating objects actually in the film, but somebody probably likes them.

Coffee MugDo you want a fan-created mug?

Easy - just check out the options at cafeshops:

Pictured right is the Bladerunner 'Rep-Detect' Police logo Coffee Mug.

What Whiskey does Deckard drink?

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 year old WhiskyIn Bryant's office and at his own apartment, Deckard drinks Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 year old Whisky. This is a deluxe blend of Scotch Whisky and is not cheap even nowadays. At the 1996 International Wine & Spirits competition, it won the Gold Medal Award for the best deluxe Scotch Whisky. John Walker bought a small grocery shop in Kilmarnock in Scotland in 1820 but became famous for his mastery of blending single malts from all over Scotland to create his high quality Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky, (helped by his son Alexander marketing the product from London).

Bryant pours Johnnie Walker Whiskey - Have one for me palObviously, the wonderfully shaped bottle used in Blade Runner is a futuristic version for the drink. It seems that not only do Bryant and Deckard buy this brand, the Replicants are partial to it as well, as the bottle also appears in the photo of Roy and Zhora. Although JW is the world's best selling deluxe blended Whiskey, could the prevalence of non-US alcohol in BR have anything to do with the climate in the USA being far worse affected than other parts of the world - perhaps affecting either crop growth and/or water purity?

I can't tell you where to get the BR-future bottle, but I'm sure you can figure out for yourself where to buy the current JW Whisky! Oh, and if you're pouring, you don't need to "have one for me" - I'll have my own thank you very much! Unlike Bryant, my stomach isn't shot (yet).

So what is Tsing Tao anyway?

Deckard works at Esper with a drink too handTsing Tao beerDeckard buys himself a bottle of Tsing Tao. It is a large bottle of clear liquid and he drinks it straight. I have not heard of anything real that matches that description. However, there is a Tsing Tao beer (see picture) and also Tsing Tao red and white wines. These drinks derive their names from the Tsing Tao region in Northern China where they are made. It would be perfectly reasonable to guess there could be a distillery in the region, also producing a spirit with that name. And the most likely spirit is of course Vodka, as it can be made from just about any type of grain or vegetable matter.

Whats that? You want to know about the stuff Deckard drinks at Taffey's? Your guess is as good as mine. With worms in it, it does imply something like Tequila or other Mezcal. (Tequila is the Mezcal from Tequila county.) And no, I don't have any info on the glass.