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Reviewed by Netrunner

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What is this? A sequel to Blade Runner? Well, yes, sort of. This is a shot film (32 mins) by Harris Pozderac which follows on from Blade Runner. Who would dare do such a thing? well there are a number of fan fictions (some of them published on this site) that follow the Blade Runner story, so why not have a film that does so? Why not indeed?

The first thing we have to face is that a low budget production simply cannot even begin to create the stunnning sets of Blade Runner, nor get the acting talent, nor the glorious music, and no matter how confident the director, they are not going to match Ridley Scott are they? Okay. Accepted. So set our sights lower. Lets face it, even if Scott were to do a sequel, he would not do the same Cityscape as in the original would he? So, how about going back to the claustrophobic ideas of the early Blade Runner scripts? Set much of BR2 indoors, or in enclosed alleyways and yes, we do have a setting for exploring some more of the Replicant dilemma.

Harris Pozderac doesn't pretend that he is the new Ridley Scott, but does deliver a very interesting continuation of the Blade Runner story. His main arrogance - to call it BR2 - yes it is *a* Blade Runner sequel, but not *the* sequel, but that is accepted.

So what do we get? 'The Replicants Within' follows the idea of the Sixth Replicant. Of course if you read the rest of this site, you know the real facts of that, but lets accept this as a given basis for the film. There is a Sixth Replicant, younger than the others on that renegade mission we know so well. The year is now 2021 and following the events portrayed in Blade Runner, Nexus-6 Replicants have been recalled. Bad business for Tyrell. However, a rival company has become aware of the sixth replicant and wants her. She is within months of death and all she wants is a longer life.

So we have a tale of "Ridley", the Sixth Replicant and her 'friends'. Trying to evade the Blade Runners is no easy task and defeating one only brings another on her case. His name is Hoffman - a tired old Runner who has seen it all. But he isn't quite prepared for the events that now unfold.

Pozderac creates a tale in Black and White, playing artfully with light and shadow. He introduces a new concept - that of the Slotman, well versed in bioelectronics. Ridley is prostituting herself according to her program, with Slotman and another as 'friends' but can she tell who is telling the truth?

The manipulation of camera angles, light and dark and ambiguity predominates in this film, presenting interesting scenes for the viewer. The acting is for the most part fairly average. Shana Barrett as Ridley produces a very stiff performance, unemotional and detached. Just like a Replicant? Hmm... As for her two friends, their performaces are no more than workmanlike. The only one that truly stands out is Al Liner as Hoffman, the jaded Blade Runner. Although some of the dialogue he is given is somewhat risible, he nevertheless makes the most of his role and conveys the old Blade Runner who has seen it all, has known a certain 'other' Blade Runner and has survived life ... until now.

Stilted dialogue does pervade the film somewhat alongside repeated set pieces. A change of camera angle provides a fresh view, but a strange one. In the end there is simply no escaping the fact that much of this film is shot in an ordinary barely furnished apartment, with a few scenes in the street outside. This is where the film lacks the most - in convincing us that this really is 2021. However, some new tech, intrigue and double crossing and the idea of the remaining Replicant wishing for life and love drag us along. So we can accept bare rooms and dark alleys, follow the unfolding story of Ridley and those around her and see the continuing prevailing attitudes to replicants, particuarly of the Nexus 6 variety.

But what of the music? It is only when some rather excellent music breaks in at the very end that you realise how much you have missed it throughout the film. If the short pieces of music that appear at beginning and end were throughout the film, it would make so much difference!

Is this like Blade Runner? Well, of course visually, musically and in so many other ways it would be foolish to even start making a direct comparison. The question we should ask is, are we looking at an interesting possible sequel? Well, we have plenty of references to Blade Runner and post-Blade Runner ideas. There is the artificial tortoise that Hoffman pulls out, the Sixth Rep, mentions of that 'other' Blade Runner (and how foolish he was to fall in love with a replicant...). And I'm sure you are familiar with Rutger Hauer's comment of Deckard fucking a dishwasher ... well the Replicants are likened to a number of household appliances in this film .. perhaps too many ... see if you can catch machine, vacuum cleaner, toaster, blender, vibrator, computer, doll, sex toy, etc.

Is it worth watching? Well, of course! Don't just accept my views on the film, go see it yourself. The film can be seen at ifilm. And then why not take a look at Harris Pozderac's own site, where he talks about the making of the film.

- Netrunner, 3rd July 2002.


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