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Blade Runner in Top 100s
Australian film critic Rob Lowing chooses her Top 100 films and obviously has excellent taste because she has put Blade Runner in top position!
Ananova, Sky, BBC, etc. report (Nov 2002) that BFI's Sight and Sound Magazine have done another survey (of British film critics and writers) - this time for the Greatest Film of the last 25 years. Blade Runner was voted in at 7th Place. In the non-date restricted survey we reported on in August (see below), they didn't have any films after 1980 in their Top Tens. Hence this poll, which starts from 1978.
Moviemail has an interesting list of 101 Greatest Films of World Cinema. On a survey of favourite film ever, conducted in 2000, Blade Runner came fourth over all.
Blade Runner gets some votes from critics and directors in the British Film Institute Sight and Sound Magazine 2002 10-yearly Top Ten Poll. It is no surprise that in this "Film Art" vote, no films after 1980 made the Top 10s. BR is one of the few films of the last two decades that makes it on the list at all. According to an unofficial count, BR comes out about 46th.
Blade Runner tops the list at Futurist Movies. With top futurism rating and very high entertainment value Blade Runner overcomes its lower plausibility rating to top their overall rating.
Blade Runner pipped to the post in this June 2002 Online Film Critics Society review of 100 years of Science Fiction. The OFCS is an international association of the leading Internet-based cinema journalists.
Blade Runner has been voted top Science Fiction movie of all time in the June 2002 issue of Wired magazine. Three cheers for Wired for being so clued in! Top 100 Favourite Films. In direct response to the Channel 4 vote, held a free public vote (Jan. 2002). Blade Runner voted in 11th position.
Channel 4: Top 100 Greatest Films. Channel 4 list (Nov. 2001), compiled from public voting on pre-selected 100 films. Blade Runner voted in 8th position.
BBC: The Film 99 top 100. The British Broadcasting Corporation broadcasts Britain's premiere movie show. They did a survey of the century. The British public decided Blade Runner is their second favourite film ever!

Time Out's Centenary Top 100 Films. 60th position.
Time Out's Readers' Top 100 Films. 4th position.
Time Out is the crucial London entertainment magazine. The two results prove (a) the BBC vote isn't a fluke, and (b) the public have far better taste than the critics.

Sky Premier viewers vote on favourite movie of the century. Blade Runner makes 8th position.
Empire Magazine and HMV Top 20 of all time. Blade Runner at 15.
Empire Magazine Greatest Movies Poll 2001. Blade Runner at 16.
U.S. Library of Congress National Film Registry. Each year (since 1989), 25 films at least 10 years old are chosen to be preserved for ever. Blade Runner was added in 1993.
The Internet Movie Database Top 250. A constantly updated list voted for by you! Blade Runner last seen at 63rd position - go and help it up a bit! Puts it at 6th place in the IMDb SF list.
Cinescape: The Greatest Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy Films of All Time. 4th position on this interesting combination list. (Includes interesting breakdown of list - good for Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford.
Entertainment Weekly Online Top 100 SF works. 14th position on this wider SF list.
Mr. Showbiz's 100 Best Movies of All Time. Unordered list.
Movieline Magazine's 100 Best Movies Ever Made. Unordered list.
Guiness Book of Film - Top 100. Unordered list. 100 Greatest films. is a good place for film lists, (some of the other lists here are stored on their site). top 100 films of the millenium. Another dedicated film website that can't resist Blade Runner and puts it 7th.

American Film Institute 'One Hundred Years...One Hundred Movies' The notorious AFI list. (And don't they just hate SF!) BR did get shortlisted on their highly restricive top 400, but didn't make their top 100. They used to have a "real people" vote - BR got to 33rd.

American Film Institute Top 100 most heart-pounding movies. The AFI at least manage to get Blade Runner at 74 on this list of "100 years - 100 Thrills". 2nd position! Now these people obviously know what they're talking about!
Sci-Fi Entertainment Magazine Top 100 Readers vote Blade Runner 2nd in this Science Fiction movies poll.
The Slyboots Top 100! 3rd position. Good job.
Maxim Magazine Top 100 Guy Movies. 31st position.
Radio National Listeners Poll: 1993. 13th position.
Los Angeles Daily News Readers' Poll. 93rd position.
Premiere Magazine 100 Most Daring Movies Ever Made. A different sort of list - which of course still includes Blade Runner!
Village Voice 100 Best Films of the 20th Century. 94th position.
Rohznuka online 100 greatest films of all time. Unordered list.
Wes World Top 100 movies. Unordered list.
The Prydorian Renegade: The Top 100 Science Fiction (thingies) of the 20th Century. More than just movies.
The Top Samples List. Blade Runner is the number one source for sampling!
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There are obviously loads of reviews of Blade Runner on the Web. Here are some, but remember to take the film critics views with a heavy pinch of salt!

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