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Blade Runner has been the focus of much interest over the years, particularly because of its troubled making and of course as a result of its increasing status as one of the best films ever made. This interest continues to escalate with the forthcoming Special Edition DVD release later this year. The people who created this wonderful film have been interviewed here and there over the years. I have done my best to collect together the most interesting of these interviews for your edification.

Please note that reviews, analysis and other articles are separated out into their own pages.


Paul M. Sammon
Netrunner interviews the author of "Future Noir" - the BR Bible.

Ridley Scott
Netrunner reviews the RS interview in the February 2002 issue of Empire Magazine.

Ridley Scott
Open internet interview at Mr Showbiz when White Squall came out (1996).

William Gibson
Interviewed in 1995 on the release of Johnny Mnemonic, Gibson talks about the JM film and game, Neuromancer and Blade Runner and the Internet.




Please enjoy these interviews and do drop me a line if you have any corrections, changes or new stuff to add. If you are ever in a position to interview someone related to the movie, I would love to hear from you.