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PAUL M. SAMMON - author of

"Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner"

Interviewed by Netrunner for, July 2002.

Chapter 1 of Future Noir ends, "To answer those questions, perhaps we should first pick up a Bible, and then turn to an old, old line. One which opens the Gospel of St. John and will serve as the proper introduction to Future Noir as well: 'In the beginning was the Word...' " With such an introduction to a book which some have described not just as the best book on Blade Runner, but one of the best film books ever written, it is no surprise that it has become known as the "BR Bible".

The author of Future Noir, Paul M. Sammon, chats with Netrunner about Blade Runner, PKD, Scott, Future Noir and much more!

Note: The complete interview is available to download in Text or Word formats.

1. 1981 - Those were the days.

11. The Ford factor. Getting the best.

2. The Trooper. BR beginnings.

12. Factoids and smells.

3. Articles and a Future Noir.

13. "That" question.

4. Why Paul and Who Phil?

14. Good, great and popular.

5. Drugs, dreams and visions.

15. Test screamings.

6. PKD and RS see eye to eye.

16. Futures - past, present and ... future.

7. Just because you're paranoid...

17. Scott films. Others write sequels.

8. Beginnings, endings, SF and FN.

18. BR, CGI, FN and 20th.

9. Writer meets CEO-Artist.

19. BR:SE secrets - not!

10. Tensions.

20. 2002 - These are the days.

Reading Paul's extensive discourse should keep you busy for a while, but once you get to the end, you'll probably want to read even more! So here are a couple of places where you can:

2019: Off-World - Read the "missing" Chapter VIII of Future Noir.

BladeZone - Read Gary Willoughby's interview of Paul in 2000.

You want to read more? Well you do have your own copy of Future Noir don't you? Available at all good book stores.

Already have the book? STILL not enough? Well maybe we will eventually get a new, expanded release with all the information that couldn't be prised into the first edition, plus updates in the continuing saga of Blade Runner, including the production of the Blade Runner Special Edition DVD?


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