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N: Getting back to Blade Runner, did the Money Men have any creative influence on the film, apart from saying certain things could not be done because the budget wasn't there?

PS: Oh, sure. Some of these money men, as you call them, loathed the film. Just hated it. So there was always that roadblock to contend with. They also didn't understand concepts like the unicorn, which was one reason it was dropped from the film. The addition of BR's faux happy ending definitely was the result of financial pressure. But never forget - the primary strength of the money men has always been their power to say, "We don't have the cash for that."

Charles de LauzirikaN: Charlie de Lauzirika (producer of the upcoming Blade Runner Special Edition DVD) said in interview that you and he still chat. Given that and your long-standing relationship with Ridley Scott, it would be no surprise to us if your involvement with Blade Runner continues even now. Have you done or were you asked to do ummm anything for the BR:SE?

PS: Yes. You see, Charlie and I do speak. Quite often, in fact. I like to think of him as a pal, in fact, as well as a collaborator. I also wish I could tell you everything there is to know about the Special Edition. But, if I did, various people would hold me down, cut off my testicles with a rusty scalpel, and serve them up in a soup bowl. So all I can say is that, yes, I am involved in the BR DVD, and have been for some time. I'm also as frustrated as everyone else that it isn't out yet!

N: Do you have any information or speculation on the Special Edition that you can share with us? Do you think it will finally put some issues to rest, (e.g. the Workprint)?

PS: Again - this particular DVD remains an extremely sensitive and political topic. The issues surrounding it are so fluid and volatile that, even if I were to give you some specific information today, that data would probably change tomorrow. I do have faith in Ridley and Charlie and the other key players who are working on this DVD, though. I mean, one reason it's taking so long is that everyone wants to do the best job possible. And my gut feeling is that it will appear. Eventually. It also should be one hell of a package.

N: Do you have any souvenirs from Blade Runner itself?

PS: I sure do. A variety of things. Like some original BR miniatures - one's a Spinner that was on top of the police HQ building, another's an elevator from the Tyrell Pyramid. I also have some sketches and prep art and storyboards that various people were kind enough to donate for my archives, and many different versions of the script. I also bought just about all of the spin-off merchandise that appeared during the film's initial release - the Blue Dolphin sketchbook and scrapbook, the BR Souvenir magazine, you name it. I even have a set of the ERTL die-cast BR vehicles; still unopened, still in their original box. I've other BR-related items, too. But maybe I'd better stop while I'm ahead. (laughs)

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