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What sequels are there?

There have been 3 sequels so far: "BR 2 - The Edge of Human", "BR 3 - Replicant Night" and "BR 4 - Eye and Talon".

Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human
K.W. Jeter
First published: 1995
Orion Paperback
ISBN 0-75280-188-0

"Rick Deckard has been snatched from the side of his lover, Rachael. Back in the decaying, labyrinthine sprawl of L.A. Deckard's blade runner skills keep him alive, but one step behind his anonymous abductors.

A visit to his old boss only deepens his confusion: why is he facing a murder rap? Who is the mysterious sixth replicant? Why is ex-blade runner Dave Holden stalking his every move? Should
he trust Sarah Tyrell, who now heads her uncle's corporation, just because she's the living, breathing image of Rachael?

Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night
K.W. Jeter
First published: 1996
Orion Paperback
ISBN 0-75280-607-6

"Life on Mars is hell for Rick Deckard - and for Sarah Tyrell. All pretence at civility has been abandoned and while Deckard is off-planet, advising a movie company shooting his blade runner history, Sarah disappears from home.

Back on Earth, Sarah moves about the shadowy hulk of the decommissioned 'Salamander 3', rusting on the dried out floor of Scapa Flow. Encouraged by Tyrell Corporation zealots, she confronts the ghosts of a childhood shrouded in questions. One ghost travels back with her to Mars, bringing Deckard a whole new future. But first he has questions of his own to ask. And the rep-symps who want him dead need answers too...

Blade Runner 4: Eye and Talon
K.W. Jeter
First published: 2000
Orion Paperback
ISBN 0-57506-865-5

Originally to be titled "Beyond Orion". Reportedly it is slightly better than the previous two efforts.


What is the general opinion about these "sequels"?

Opinion in the newsgroup has been divided (isn't it always?), but the predominant opinion seems to be a "thumbs down". The thing is, Jeter tried to write a sequel to both DADoES and the film BR - in spite of their numerous differences. Some would say insurmountable differences.

The result is sort of a mixed bag at best. Events from the movie we all know so well are casually turned inside out and upside down; characters who were definitely replicants in the movie suddenly turn out to have been human all along, and supposed dead characters turn out to be still alive, while interesting characters (who *did* make it through the movie in one piece) are killed off before the story even gets started.

*Maybe* P.K. Dick fans might appreciate them somewhat more?


Who wrote them?

They were written by K.W. Jeter.


More about the author...

K.W. Jeter was born in Los Angeles in 1950.
He has been writing novels since the mid-seventies.
His own fiction includes:

Morlock Night (1979)
Dr. Adder (1984)
The Glass Hammer (1985)
Noir (1998)

He has also written some SF movie and TV series tie-ins, such as Star Wars, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Alien Nation… and Blade Runner.


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