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Of course we all know that Blade Runner ought to have won the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director at the very least, (but wasn't even nominated for those - obviously "The Academy" didn't understand it back then). The Oscar still eludes Ridley Scott despite even the success of Gladiator (which got five awards including Best Picture!) And why didn't Vangelis even get nominated for an Oscar for the music? (Even though he had just won one for "Chariots of Fire".) He did, however, get nominated for a Golden Globe.

Blade Runner was nominated as follows (source
Art Direction - won by "Gandhi"
Set Decoration - won by "Gandhi"
Visual Effects - won by "E.T. the Extra Terrestrial"

1982 was the year dominated by Gandhi. Whatever the other qualities you might ascribe to Gandhi, when it comes to sets, how does a few tents in the desert in Gandhi compare to the most stunningly realistic future cityscape of Blade Runner? Linda DeScenna has been nominated for Set Decoration FIVE times and not been rewarded. Douglas Trumbull was nominated for a few memorable films too without getting rewarded for his brilliant Visual Effects work, until 1992, when he was given the "Scientific and Technical Award".

However, Blade Runner has won other awards:

1982 - Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards - Best Cinematography - Jordan Cronenweth
1983 - Hugo Awards - Best Dramatic Presentation
But for a full appreciation of the high esteem in which Blade Runner is now regarded, check out the Top 100 Lists (on this site), where you'll see Wired Magazine rate it as the top SF film of all time, it tops or at least makes Top 10 in various other futurist and SF lists, and in the UK often makes the Top 10 Favourite Movies ever (not just SF). The British Film Institute and American Film Institutes have both recognised its importance and in 1993 it was one of the yearly batch of 25 films to be added to the U.S. Library of Congress National Film Registry - an honour bestowed on films at least 10 years old that are to be preserved forever..


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