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The principal aim of this website is to provide the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information on the Blade Runner movie to be found on the Web. This is how the Blade Runner FAQ came into being. However, while most of the main FAQ is relatively static (as it applies to a film more than 20 years old), one particular section keeps growing. It seems people continue to make new music inspired by, quoting or sampling Blade Runner. Thus, the Blade Runner Related Music has become a separate FAQ. This FAQ is organised and edited by Patrick Meaney.

This FAQ is also available for download from here. You can choose the text version or the Word version. Right click on the link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...".

If you have queries on the Blade Runner Related Music FAQ, please contact the FAQ editor, Patrick Meaney. Queries sent to the webmaster, Netrunner, deemed relevant to the FAQ will also be forwarded to Patrick.

Blade Runner

Related Music FAQ

Version 1.1

Copyright 2003 Patrick Meaney.

Edited by Patrick Meaney
Assistant Editor: Netrunner



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