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Artist: Alexander Spence
Title: Oar
Features the lyric "Tears Fall Like Rain"

Artist: Covenant
Title: Like Tears in Rain
Album: United States of Mind

Rating: ***** An excellent driving bass, and strong vocal create an immersive sonic atmosphere. If you can get past the slightly 80's quality of the synthesizer, you can get into this one.
go to the empire state and watch the city lights
hear the noise of millions struggle in the sprawl
stare into the sky we're few and far between
black eyes full of stars wide with memories

every street i ever walked
every home i ever had
is lost

every flower i ever held
every spring i ever had
has died

every man i ever knew
every woman i ever had
is gone

everything i ever touched
every thing i ever had
has died

lie down in the park and watch the satellites
hear the children sing just a breath away
dance in the heavy air along the interstate
black lung full of fumes choke on memories...

Artist: Covenant
Title: Replicant
Album: Dreams of a Cryotank

lights blur shifting slightly, always the rain
he's there hunting nightly, driven by pain
burns fast shining brightly, dies in vain
he's there, speaking lightly of life in pain
bionic killer the spider in his net
comes to his maker as close as he can get
weak little creatures speaking with god
their cries so insane, their prayers just in vain
'cause I am the replicant, to hell with the gods
too late to escape, too late to regret
no time to hide, no time to forget
lights blur shifting slightly, always the rain
he's there hunting nightly, driven by pain
weak little creatures speaking with god
their cries so insane, their prayers just in vain
'cause I am the replicant, to hell with the gods
the rain, always the rain
your pain sustained

Rating: ****
A catchy track, with a great industrial sound, and a pretty explicit BR connection.

Artists: White Zombie
Album: Supersexy Swingin' Sounds (1996)
Track: More Human Than Human

I am the astro-
Creep a demolition
Style hell American
Freak - I am the
Crawling dead - a
Phantom in a box
Shadow in your
Head say acid
Suicide freedom
Of the blast read
The fucker lies -
Scratch off the -
Broken skin - tear
Into my heart make
Me do it again yeah
More Human Than Human
I am the jigsaw
Man I turn the
World around
With a skeleton hand say -
I am electric head a cannibal core a
Television said
Yeah do not victimize
Read the mother
Fucker-psychoholic lies -
Into a psychic war I
Tear my soul
Apart and I
Eat it some more
More Human Than Human
I am the ripper
Man a locomotion
Mind love American
Style yeah I am
The nexus one I
Want more life
Fucker I ain't
Done - yeah
More Human Than Human

Artists: Pop Will Eat Itself
Album: This is the Day, This is the Hour, This is This
Track: Wake Up! Time to Die

PWEI builds most of its songs around samples from movies, etc. and Ridley Scott is their number one choice. The song "Wake Up! Time to Die" is built around that quote from Leon when he was about to kill Deckard although the song is actually about an alcoholic.

Artists: Revolting Cocks
Album: Big Sexy Land (1986)
Track: Attack Ships on Fire

The "Attack Ships on Fire" title certainly appears to be based on Batty's words. "We Shall Cleanse the World" on the same album contains samples from the movie "The Omega Man."

Artists: The Stranglers
Album: Stranglers in the Night (1993)
Track: Time to Die

Written by Paul Roberts, "Time to Die" is based on Roy Batty's final speech and includes a sample.

Artist: Kim Wilde
Album: Teases & Dares (1984)
Track: Bladerunner

The song features samples from the film. Written by Marty & Ricki Wilde after seeing the film, the song talks of being hunted by Blade Runners and graphically describes Zhora's death. Kim's site even has an entry in the encyclopedia about Blade Runner, the film.

Excerpt from lyrics:
I watched her falling to the ground
And saw the glass go flying
And inside her mind the fuse blew out
But deep inside a voice was crying

Artists: Iron Maiden

SOMEWHERE IN TIME cover references/neato things:
- Live After Death, Blade Runner on the movie theater
- The movie theater is the Philip K. Dick cinema, who is the author of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" on which the movie Blade Runner is based.
- The Bradbury Hotels International sign - ?
[Source: Iron Maiden FAQ, check the cover and details at: ]

Artist: Jeff Mills
Album: Art of Connecting (2000)
Track: Deckard

"Deckard", the first track, features Deckard in the scene where he is examining one of Leon's photos with his Esper machine. Techno.


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