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Artist: Gary Numan
Album: Strange Charm (1986) (Also on Babylon 4)
Track: Time to Die

Excerpt from lyrics:
"And I have seen sadness
And I have seen time run out
I've even seen men cry
It's all lost to me now
Like tears in the rain"

Review: **** This mournful song captures the feel of the movie very nicely, and is an excellent track on its own. It also has a more explicit connection to BR than other songs on the list, making this one of the best on here.

Artists: Front Line Assembly
Single: Plasticity (1996)
Track: Replicant

Features samples of Roy Batty.

Artists: Magnesia (formerly Melatonin, formerly Atticus)
Track: A Time To Die (1999)

Song "A Time to Die" obviously inspired by Blade Runner - starts with Roy's "Tears in Rain" speech.

Artist: Kent
Album: Isola (1997)
Track: OWC (from "Off-World Colony")

Reportedly, one of the tracks on this Swedish band's album uses a sample from BR (the piano bit from "Memories of Green"). I don't think it is a sample so much as piano music inspired by Memories of Green. The song was written after seeing Blade Runner and is inspired by the blimp adverts inviting people to go to the Off-World Colonies. The words are a melancholy reflection that it is time to move on.

Artist: Ian Brown
Album: Music of The Spheres
Track: Northern Lights

His song "Northern Lights" contains a sample from the flickering light - a sound effect from BR (the one in Leon's Bathroom). (Ian Brown used to be in The Stone Roses.)

Artists: Blue Floyd
Album: ?
Track: Young Lust
In their adaptation of the Pink Floyd song "Young Lust", they use a sample from the scene where Roy Batty finally meets Tyrell.

Album - Newer Wave 2.0: The New Wave Cover Series
Label - 21st Circuitry
Song - Love Missile F1-11
Artist - New Mind
Original Artist - Sigue Sigue Sputnik

[This version of the song] has two samples from Blade Runner. The first is a lift of Holden's line about the Voight-Kampff being only a test designed to evoke an emotional response, and the second is Leon's line about his mother. Both samples appear several times throughout the song."

Artist: Hoodlum Priest
Album: Heart of Darkness (1990)
Track: Tyrell

The album contains a track called Tyrell, which uses samples from Blade Runner.
On the same album, use is also made of samples from lost of other movies such as Robocop, The Terminator, Total Recall, Dune and Hellraiser I and II, etc.
But better is:

Artists: Paul Oakenfold
Album: Perfecto Presents Another World (2000)

Paul is a UK DJ who particularly does Trance remixes. He has done this with more than one part of Blade Runner (from the soundtrack album by Vangelis). Notably "Tears In The Rain" and "Rachel's Song". A few other peoples' trance remixes have also been popularised in Oakenfold sets, e.g. Andora (although occasionally those "other people" turn out to be an alias for Paul). Paul helped create the "Ibiza sound" and is behind the very hip "Swordfish" soundtrack.

Artists: Sasha + John Digweed
Album: Renaissance (1994)

Track 12 is a trance mix version of the Blade Runner "End Titles" by these two DJs from the 90s UK trance scene.

Artists: Remake
Album: [found on Loaded records]
Track: Bladerunner / Magic Fly (1995) on Load 27 and C&J Remix on Load 40

Note: 11 min. long; reportedly the best dance version of the BR End Titles around.
Loaded Website:

Artist: Cosmic Baby
Track: A Tribute To Blade Runner (Maxi CD Single, 1995)
3 tracks:
1. A Tribute To Blade Runner - Radio Edit (4:08)
2. A Tribute To Blade Runner - L.A. 2018 Main title (9:15)
3. A Tribute To Blade Runner - Dance Title 1 (6:38)

Dance version of the BR theme tune. Apparently the record company wanted him to use the name "Cosmic Replicant", but he didn't like that idea.
Cosmic Baby also created another EP called "L.A. 2018"
1. A Tribute To Blade Runner (Dance Title 2) (7:21)
2. L.A. 2018 - Replicants Requiem (4:07)
3. L.A. 2018 - Rachel And Deckard (7:59)
or check:

Artist: Canibus
Album: "C" True Hollywood Stories (2001)

Canibus aka Germaine Williams. This is rap music. Track 17, Box Cutter, samples the New American Orchestra rendition of the BR End Titles.

Artist: Mike Ladd
Album: Easy Listening For Armageddon (1997)
Track: Blade Runner
A variation on hip-hop that could be termed trip-hop music. Seems to be inspired by and using samples from the movie.
Website: (?)

Artists: Jam & Spoon
Album: Tripomatic Fairytales 2002 (1993)
Track: "V. Angel is Calling" (Get it? Get it? :) )
Jam & Spoon are Jam El Mar & Mark Spoon, "a dance project from Frankfurt, Germany" - creating ambient music. Note: more information on whether this is Vangelis/Blade Runner related is needed. All help is welcome.

Artists: Orbital
Track: Bladerunner

According to Orbital's site ( ), the mp3 found on the Web that purports to be "Bladerunner by Orbital" is not by them.

Artists: Robert Hazard and the Heroes
Album: Wing of Fire (1984)
Track: Interplanetary Private Eye

Hazard was a Philadelphia act that had a hit record with the song "escalator of life". His second album was called Wing of Fire, and was dedicated to the makers of Blade Runner. "Interplanetary Private Eye" was one song that was directly influenced by the Movie, and he mentions things like "electric sheep" in others (madmen of the new sci-fi, we count electric sheep). Probably hard to find today, but it is probably the album most influenced by the movie out there. [Thanks to Chris for this information]

Artists: Therapy?
Track: Meat Abstract (1990)

Therapy? recorded a track called Meat Abstract, originally as the a-side of their first 7" single, and later as the opening track on their first EP. The beginning of the song features a sample of the "Wake up, time to die!" speech from BR. They also had the quote on one of their t-shirts, along with their "angry face" logo, known to the fans as Gemil. [Thanks to Steve for this information]

Artist: Warren Zevon
Album: Transverse City (1989)

Zevon has numerous rock 'n roll albums. "Transverse City" is a concept album which, according to interviews with Zevon, is based in part on "Blade Runner" and the works of cyberpunk author William Gibson. The lyrics of the title track certainly seem to be very much about Roy and Pris and their plight.


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