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Artists: Andora
Track: Bladerunner

Trance remix of BR music - has made it onto a couple of compilation albums like Dream Dance 11. Originally released on the Infusion label, which is now defunct.

Artists: L'Orchestra Electronique
Album: Genius, the music of Vangelis

Pointless "tribute" to Vangelis. Album artwork includes fragments of Roy's speech that is on the BR album.

Artists: Hypnosis
Track: Pulstar/End Title (Blade Runner)

Italian dance stuff. Supposedly not very good.

Artists: DJ Red
Track: Near Earth (2001)

Drum/bass music includes a sample of the Blimp ad, "A new life awaits you…" [Thanks to Mark for this information]

Artists: Ed Rush & Nico
Album: Torque (1997)
Track: Technology

Drum/bass music samples the Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack [Thanks to Mark for this information]

Artists: DJ Trace & Nico
Album: Replicant
Track: A Replicant

Obviously inspired by Blade Runner. More Drum/bass music, although being described as "techstep style jungle".

Artists: Blind Guardian
Album: Somewhere Far Beyond (1992)
Track: Time What is Time

Here is a song that is all about Blade Runner. Metal Rock.

When the moonchild is crying
And silence has broken
The darkest truth
The things she remembered
Had never been her own
Replicant or human
I know the way to show
What do I see
What will I find
Know the answer inside
It's your last step
Time what is time
I wish I knew how to tell You why
It hurts to know
Aren't we machines
Time what is time
Unlock the door
And see the truth
Then time is time again
These dreams were never mine
It's cold inside
It's gone forever
The things he saw
Who can say what's wrong or right
The vision of a free life
His eyes had seen it all
For what
He's asking
The vision, vision, vision
I know it's all a lie
I'll remember his past life
And I'll remember time
What did I see
What have I done
God I knew the answers
When he felt so tired
Time what is time
Come lock the door don't let me in
I am the one Your destiny
Time what is time
Reality - It hurts me so
When time is time again
Look into my eyes
Feel the fear just for a while
I'm a replicant and I love to live
Is it all over now
Only these years
I'll leave but I'm singing
Time what is time
He saw it clearly it's too late
It does not heal but it lets us forget
Time what is time
We'll never know
So don't take care
Then time is time again
Should I forget
The way I feel
God he knows how long I tried
Feel there is no reason to cry
I live my life
In fortune dreams forever

[Thanks to Nils for the information.]

Artists: Jefferson Starship
Album: Windows of Heaven (1999)
Track: The Windows Of Heaven (FUTRxFUTR)

There is some reference to Blade Runner in the Futr2 track, but the actual lyrics sung are not quite the same as the ones printed. [Thanks to waterhead for this information]

Printed Lyrics excerpt:
And she's a guide through the chaos, a road to the Passion
Between the earth and sky where love is like a drug
And as she looks into the window of heaven
The windows of Heaven into the eyes of God she is
FREE to face the Whirlwind
FREE FREE FREE untamed (uncaged insane rearranged,
like a panther running
let loose in a Bladerunner world)
All our lives in the Whirlwind blowin'

Artists: Phil Lesh
Album: There and Back Again (2002)
Track: Midnight Train

Not sure what it means, but it is obviously something to do with Blade Runner. [Thanks to waterhead for this information]

Lyrics excerpt:
I spin around
Headlights flashing in the pouring rain
We run around
Black lightning on the midnight train
You question me
I gesture and empires fall
Waves roll on
Through the windows in an empty hall
oo-blade-runner Bardo


Artists: Fleshquartet
Album: Fire Fire (1996)
Track: Fading Like a Dream

The ending of the song "Fading Like A Dream" from the album "Fire Fire" by Swedish group "Flesh Quartet" contains "will all this memories be lost in time like tears in rain". [Thanks to Nicklas for this information.]

Artists: OMD
Album: Junk Culture (1984)
Track: Junk Culture

This isn't directly related to BR. They both use the "Mexican Radio" sample. In BR, it is in Taffey's.

Artists: Electric Hellfire Club
Album: Electronomicon
Track: Tannhäuser Gate

A song about Blade Runner. [Thanks to Christopher for this information.]

Lyrics except:
There comes a time for each of us
to make one last desperate stab…at life
To search for truth among the broken dreams
but it's never found…or so it seems to me
Can we break free?
Each day I hope and pray…
all these memories will be washed away
All this sadness, all this pain
Lost in time like tears in rain…


Synaesthesia - "Synaesthesia has so far been another project for Leeb and Fulber to explore their ambient ideas. Lush strings and tribal chants all flavouring the overall sound. But wait, the cover says all songs by R. Deckard. Both Bill and Rhys always maintain that the songs were written by the mysterious Mr Deckard but the albums are so clearly like their other material that this can't be true. More likely is that contractual agreements with other labels meant that a pseudonymous individual was created, and being that Bill is a big fan of Blade Runner why not call him R. Deckard! Other theories are that Chris Peterson is the mystery individual." (
No word yet as to whether any of the songs explicitly mention Blade Runner.

Artists: Del the Funkee Homosapien, Dan the Automator
Album: Deltron 3030
Track: 3030

The opening track on the album references a lot sci-fi movies, including The Matrix, Akira and Blade Runner. It's not exactly a major reference, but the word esper is used twice.
Review: ***** I'm a big fan of the track, it's not particularly related to Blade Runner, but it's a good song nonetheless, off one of the only sci-fi albums I've ever heard.

Lyrics Excerpt:
Isn't eternal evil concerned with thievery
Medieval prehistoric rhetoric well we ahead of that
Lay it down with soundwaves that pound pavement
Original minstrals my central processing unit
is in tune with my heart for this art
Not artificial cause that makes it hard to miss you
Copycats finish last in the human race
Staying glued to safes too prude to take a buddha break
We got espers that let us bless with fresh shit
Undetected by yes men questing for five fleeting nanoseconds of fame
Protecting the brain from conspiracies against my cosmos
While I float to Neo-Tokyo with Opio
or discuss combusitible rust clusters with Plus
Evade cyber police in a computer crib confuse the kids
but I can make a kickin rhymes thats sacred
Telepathic mind that takes its greatness from the Matrix
Esper rhyme professor rushes in ultra pressures
with correction measures

Artist: Sique Sique
Track: Sci-Fi Lover (The Cyberpunk Mix)
This track features a bunch of BR samples, including the "Time to Die," some Tyrell dialogue, and some other assorted sci-fi samples, including stuff from The Matrix

Review: **** A pretty track, with a nice 80's sound, and some well placed samples, as well as a strong message for fans of sci-fi. Apparently, "Inside every sci-fi lover's heart lies a rock and roll heart." You decide what that means.


Artist: The Tyrell Corporation
Track: Running 2000

This track is a single that is available on Amazon, but I'm unsure what the content of it is, and information about it appears to be difficult to find, but unlike Deckard, I will do some detecting.


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