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If you want to to buy the soundtrack, then please check this page.

There are at least 7 different soundtrack albums (8, if you count the Themes album). 2 of those are official releases, the rest are bootlegs.

Sometime around 1982, a first bootleg (on audiocassette tape) was made.

Availability: unknown (probably impossible to find anymore)

Blade Runner NAO Soundtrack AlbumBlade Runner (Orchestral Adaptation of Music Composed for The Motion Picture by Vangelis)
Performed by The New American Orchestra

Released by WEA in 1982

For many years this was the "official" BR sountrack album.

As the text on the cover states, it is an orchestral arrangement of the soundtrack performed by the New American Orchestra. This album contains the following tracks:

1. Love Theme (4:12)
2. Main Title (5:01)
3. One More Kiss, Dear (4:00)
4. Memories of Green (4:50)
5. End Title (4:17)
6. Blade Runner Blues (4:38)
7. Farewell (3:10)
8. Love Theme (4:12)

The album is kind of disappointing for two main reasons:
- it is not the music in it's original form, since it isn't performed by the original artist;
- it only has a very limited selection of music from the film.

On the plus side, what music is there isn't all that bad, and it does feature some nice saxophone work by Tom Scott.

Availability: originally released on vinyl record; should still be available on audio CD.

In 1989, Vangelis released his compilation album "Themes", which contained 2 previously unreleased tracks from his original BR score:

1. End Titles from "Bladerunner" (4:57)
8. Love Theme from "Bladerunner" (4:55)

A third track on that album, which was used in Blade Runner, is "Memories of Green" (Track 11; 5:42) which originally appeared in his 1980 album "See You Later".

Note: the New American Orchestra rendition of "See You Later" was later used in another Ridley Scott film, namely "Someone To Watch Over Me".

Availability: should still be available.

"Off-World" 1993 Limited Edition (bootleg - 2,000 numbered copies)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Blade Runner
Limited Edition of 2,000 ("not licensed for public sale")
Off World Music, Ltd., no. OWM 9301
Compact Disc (ADD)

Apart from the original Vangelis compositions, this album also contained some extra music, like the sound from the original BR trailer, and the song "If I Didn't Care" by the "Ink Spots", which was originally intended to be used in the movie, but because of copyright reasons had to be replaced; it was ultimately replaced by the original Vangelis composition "One More Kiss, Dear".
Also present on the Off-World album is "Harps of The Ancient Temples" by Gail Laughton; it's the music that was used in the scene with the bicyclists, when replicants Roy Batty and Leon Kowalski are on their way to see Chew, the "eye designer".

Track listing:

1. Ladd Company Logo (0:24) (composed by John Williams)
2. Main Titles and Prologue (4:03) Vangelis
3. Los Angeles, November 2019 (1:46) Vangelis
4. Deckard Meets Rachael (1:29) Vangelis
5. Bicycle Riders (2:05) (from: "Harps of the Ancient Temples"; performed by Gail Laughton)
6. Memories of Green (5:39) Vangelis
7. Blade Runner Blues (10:19) Vangelis
8. Deckard's Dream (1:12) Vangelis
9. On the Trail of Nexus 6 (5:30) Vangelis
10. If I Didn't Care (3:03)
(Written by Jack Lawrence/performed by the Ink Spots; only used in the "Workprint")
11. Love Theme (4:57) Vangelis
12. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (3:35) Vangelis
13. Dangerous Days (1:02) Vangelis
14. Wounded Animals (10:58) Vangelis
15. Tears in Rain (2:41) Vangelis
16. End Titles (7:24) Vangelis
17. One More Kiss Dear (4:00) Skelling and Vangelis [theatrical release]
18. Trailer and Alternate Main Titles (1:39) (by Robert Randles)

Total disc time (72:42)

The bootleg CD includes an 8-page booklet containing 6 movie stills. Cover art is from the British one-sheet movie poster that accompanied the 1982 release. The back cover is a color still from an aborted sequence in which Leon's photo turns out to be a hologram that shows Batty's head turning (Cinefex no. 9, July 1982). The inside back cover is a bird's eye view of Deckard's spinner as he and Rachael escape the city (Official Blade Runner Souvenir Magazine, 1982). Another photo possibly unfamiliar to many is Deckard looking at Holden in a life-support machine (a similar photo appeared in Video Watchdog, Nov-Dec 1993).

According to the booklet, Scott contacted several composers in case the score by Vangelis didn't work out. His ultimate decision to supplement the film with other source music led to a contractual dispute with the composer. It was reported that because of this, Vangelis refused to release the soundtrack album. However, this is a rumour which has been denied by various official sources.

Notes on the various pieces were interesting - like the fact that the Love Theme and Rachael's piano playing are a variation on Chopin's 13th Nocturne. (The love theme used in the Workprint is not included in this album.) The music for several pieces is heard complete for the first time and will prove fascinating listening for fans of the film, particularly nos. 9, 12, 13, and 14. Those familiar with the Warner Bros. New American Orchestra CD will also appreciate that Blade Runner Blues is more than twice as long on this CD. The producer (Christopher L. Shimata-Dominguez) displays a sense of humor with his name and Off World Music label. He also warns that unauthorized "replication" is a violation of applicable laws.

Availability: unknown. You might find something like this on eBay. Beware of paying lots of money for copies of copies!

Blade Runner Vangelis Soundtrack"Vangelis - Blade Runner" (the official 1994 Vangelis release by Warner Bros.)

Warner Music (4509-96574-2)

Finally, in 1994, some 12 years after the release of the film, Vangelis released the definitive(?) version of the BR album.

The cover of the album is a close-up of the movie poster, showing Deckard, Rachael, and the roof of the police headquarters.

There are various photos inside (both in color and black & white) including a shot of Ridley Scott directing Harrison Ford.

The cover/booklet contains Vangelis' notes accompanying the album say:

"Most of the music contained in this album originates from recordings I made in London in
1982, whilst working on the score for the film BLADE RUNNER. Finding myself unable to
release these recordings at the time, it is with great pleasure that I am able to do so now. Some
of the pieces contained will be known to you from the Original Soundtrack of the film, whilst
others are appearing here for the first time. Looking back at RIDLEY SCOTT'S powerful and
evocative pictures left me as stimulated as before, and made the recompiling of this music,
today, an enjoyable experience."
VANGELIS Athens, April 1994

The sound quality is excellent. Not all music heard in the movie is used, while interestingly, some previously unreleased tracks were added, containing music which wasn't even in the film. Also, a few snippets of dialogue from the movie have been sampled.
While this will undoubtedly annoy the purists among us, the result is an outstanding album, and what is (in the humble opinion of this author, naturally) one of the best movie soundtrack albums ever.

Note 1: it's not like the "new" tracks are completely unrelated. Actually, "Wait For Me" was the only new recording; the other tracks were indeed composed for the original release, but ultimately replaced by other music.

Note 2: the "reworking" of music used in movies is typical for the way Vangelis works, feeling that often the music as heard in the movie is not varied enough, and that it benefits from being "enhanced". Much the same thing happened on the soundtrack album for "1492: Conquest of Paradise", for example.

Track listing:

1. Main Titles (3.42)
2. Blush Response (5.47)
3. Wait for Me (5.27)
4. Rachel's Song (4.46)
5. Love Theme (4.56)
6. One More Kiss, Dear (3.58)
7. Blade Runner Blues (8.53)
8. Memories of Green (5.05)
9. Tales of the Future (4.46)
10. Damask Rose (2.32)
11. Blade Runner (End Titles) (4.40)
12. Tears in Rain (3.00)

Availability: should still be available.

Note that there is an on-line petition running to get a "20th Anniversary Edition" of the album produced as there is more music that we would like (and there are diverse views on the inclusion of film dialogue on the original). The petition can be found at:

1995 "Gongo Music" (bootleg)

"Sunetul Original Al Filmului"

Limited Edition (3000 copies)
Gongo Music - GM-003
Compact Disc - ADD

Although very similar to the Off-World bootleg, this album does contain at least one unique track not found on the Off-World album. It is the "Blimpvert" track, where you hear a Japanese woman singing an old traditional song.

The album was supposedly Rumanian, but was probably meant for the American market

Track listing and information (in Romanian!):

1. Tema de Semnatura a Companiei Ladd (0:25)
2. Titlurile si Prologurile Principale (3:58)
3. Los Angeles, Noiembrie, 2019 (1:46)
4. Intilnirea Lui Deckard Cu Rachel(1:28)
5. Ciclisti (2:12)
6. Amintirile Verdelui (5:40)
7. Tristetile Lui Blade Runner (10:20)
8. Visul Lui Deckard (1:13)
9. La Procesul Lui Nexus 6 (5:28)
10. Inca un Sarut, Draga (4:02)
11. Tema Iubirii (4:59)
12. Fiul Multiubit Aduce Moartea (3:34)
13. Blimpvert (2:52)
14. Zile Periculoase (1:03)
15. Animale Ranite (10:59)
16. Lacrimi In Ploaie(2:43)
17. Titlurile de Sfirsit(7:26)

Muzica compusa, aranjata, cintata si produsa de VANGELIS.
Copyright 1995 Gongo Music, Ltd. "Blade Runner" este marca inregistrata detinuta de Parteneriatul Blade Runner. Arta grafica si fotografica cu drepturi de copiere copyright 1982 Compania Ladd. Toate drepturile de producator si de productie sint rezervate. Copiera neautorizata, inchirierea, auditia publica si distribuirea sint interzise. Produs in Romania.

Availability: unknown. Occasionally pops up on eBay, but beware - some of these are just copies.

A special collector's bootleg album called "Memoires 5" was released in a very limited number; reportedly only 20 silver CD's were ever made. It basically contains Vangelis' music exactly as heard in the movie, minus the voices.

Availability: unknown.

A 2CD bootleg soundtrack, called the "OWM2000" CD, was released late 2000. With it came a "bonus" CD. Reportedly, it does not contain any new material. It's a collection of work already out there. See the following list for what's on it and where it comes from:

(Legend: NAO - New American Orchestra; OWM - Off World Music; GGO - Gongo Music; JSE - Japan Special Edition; OST - Official Soundtrack; LD - Laser Disc)

1. Opening 3.32 GGO (track 2)
2. The First Test 1.29 JSE (track 2)
3. Los Angeles, November 2019 1.39 GGO (track 3)
4. Deckard Meets Rachel 1.40 OWM (track 4 = 1:29)
5. Rachel's Song 4.34 OST (track 4)
6. Blush Response 4.58 OST (track 2)
7. Bicycle Riders 2.14 GGO (track 5)
8. Memories of Green 5.05 GGO (track 6)
9. Blade Runner Blues 10.22 GGO (track 7)
10. Deckard's Dream 1.15 OWM (track 8)
11. Investigate 0.43 LD
12. Flying Kabuki 2.49 GGO (track 13)
13. On The Trail Of Nexus 6 5.30 GGO (track 9)
14. The Market 1.47 JSE (track 12 pt.1)
15. Turkish 2.36 JSE (track 12 pt.2)
16. Blade Runner Blues (reprise) 8.56 OST (track 7)
17. Quietness At Home 4.07 JSE (track 14 pt.2)
18. I Dreamt Music 4.42 JSE (track 18)

1. Deckard And Rachel 1.22 OWM (track 4)
2. Damask Rose 2.34 OST (track 10)
3. Love Theme 4.57 OST (track 5)
4. One More Kiss, Dear 3.57 OWM (track 17)
5. Wait For Me 5.29 OST (track 3)
6. The Prodigal Son Brings Death 4.28 OWM (track 12 = 3:35)
7. Dangerous Days 1.05 GGO (track 14)
8. Wounded Animals 11.02 GGO (track 15)
9. Farewell 2.44 OWM (track 15)
10. End Titles 7.25 GGO (track 17)

Bonus Tracks
11. Main Titles 3.42 OST (track 1 dialogue)
12. Blush Response 1.40 OST (track 2 dialogue)
13. Tales of The Future 4.41 OST (track 9)
14. Tears In Rain 2.48 OST (track 12
15. End Titles 4.37 OST (track 11)
16. If I Didn't Care 3.06 OWM (track 10)

1. Opening 1.36 NAO (track 2 pt.1)
2. Los Angeles, November 2019 1.49 NAO (track 2 pt.3)
3. Deckard Meets Rachel 1.09 NAO (track 2 pt.2)
4. Blade Runner Blues 4.36 NAO (track 6)
5. Memories of Green 4.48 NAO (track 4)
6. Love Theme 4.10 NAO (track 1)
7. Farewell 3.05 NAO (track 7)
8. End titles 7.04 NAO (track 5 = 4:17)

Bonus Tracks
9. One More Kiss, Dear 4.02 NAO (track 3)
10. End Titles (Reprise) 3.05 NAO (track 8)

Availability: unknown.

To hear Blade Runner music while surfing the Web, tune in to:
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