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Early in the movie, there is a scene in a briefing room where Bryant shows Deckard some videos (called "Incept Tapes" by the crew) containing information on the escaped replicants. Here is the information that was shown on screen while the videos were running:

Blade Runner Leon Kowalski replicant

Replicant (M) Des: LEON

NEXUS-6 N6MAC41717

Incept Date: 10 APRIL, 2017

Func: Combat/Loader (Nuc. Fiss)

Phys: LEV. A
Mental: LEV. C

Replicant (M) Des: BATTY (Roy)

NEXUS-6 N6MAA10816

Incept Date: 8 JAN., 2016

Func: Combat, Colonization Defense Prog

Phys: LEV. A
Mental: LEV. A

Blade Runner Roy Batty replicant
Blade Runner Zhora replicant

Replicant (F) Des: ZHORA

NEXUS-6 N6FAB61216

Incept Date: 12 JUNE, 2016

Func: Retrained (9 Feb., 2018) Polit. homicide

Phys: LEV. A
Mental: LEV. B

Replicant (F) Des: PRIS

NEXUS-6 N6FAB21416

Incept Date: 14 FEB., 2016

Func: Military/Leisure

Phys: LEV. A
Mental: LEV. B

Blade Runner Pris replicant


Note: You'll notice Pris (the "basic pleasure model") has February 14 - (Valentine's Day) - as incept date...

Explanation of replicant information:

The serial number of every replicant is actually detailed identification data, containing a summary of that replicant's statistics.

For example, Leon's no. is N6MAC41717;

N6 = Nexus 6
M  = male
A  = physical level
C  = mental level
4  = month
17 = day
17 = year

Note: There is an error in Leon's details as the serial number decrypts to the wrong date.
Also, we are left to guess what happens for Reps created in months October to December - do they use two digits, or move on to A, B, C?

The information given in the briefing scene establishes certain interesting facts. For one, we learn that Nexus 6 replicants are divided into both mental and physical categories, apparently ranging from "A" (presumably more than average, perhaps even superhuman?) over "B" ("average") to "C" ("below average" - for a Nexus 6, anyway).


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